Sexy Neon Pumps For 2013 Spring!!!


So apparently the classic pumps are a huge shoe-hit in 2013 Spring (among other funkier designs). Felt a bit creative and I thought of sharing with you a look I’ve made up on polyvore: sexy geek! Sporty chic in hot neon pumps. It’s back to classics this season (with a bit of a twist). 2 trends in one look: Neon Trend (click here for more) & Classic Pumps! Here it is… :)

sexy geek neon shoes
hope you like it dolls! Have a lovely weekend :) xoxo
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6 thoughts on “Sexy Neon Pumps For 2013 Spring!!!

  1. I saw a pair of Boutique 9 – Justine 12cm high stiletto pumps in a yellow patent that I couldn’t resist making them part of my wardrobe selections. They are so gorgeous!

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