2012 Grunge Trend. Are The ’90s Back?

modern grunge
I’ve been meaning to do a post on the ’90s revival in fashion and style for some time now, but today, coming across a Johnny Depp video gave me just the right boost & mood I needed to write this. Yes, he was the king of grunge! Still is if you ask me, though today he’s sporting his grunge style with a bohemian-gypsy-intellectual twist to it. He is a bit to be blamed for this ‘90s revival in fashion and style, don’t you think so?… >> Read more

I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award!

Two days ago I got this amazing news from astimegoesbuy.me, that I was nominated for The Sunshine Award by Laura. Thanks so much Laura!!! As I said then you have made my week! It really means a lot, especially coming from a person who’s quite established on WordPress, and who’s blog I adore reading every day. It’s rich in ideas, great content, pictures, it’s personal, funny, relaxed… Oh my God so happy you nominated me! Such a huge surprise, though! Thank you!!!… >> Read more

Beauty Trend Report for Spring / Summer 2012 – by Glory Anwanwan

As promised yesterday I am delighted to present my guest blogger’s article on this season’s beauty trends. She’s a master of all beauty & styling tips so read through to find out all the beauty secrets you need to know, steal some and rock them all through this spring & summer days. Beauty Trends Spring/Summer 2012 – by Glory Anwanwan (iamglor.com) From Valentino to Chanel, when you look at the highlights from spring / summer 2012 collection, you can’t help but notice all the beautiful, bold bright colors from pastel nails to red lips to floral dresses.… >> Read more

Meet Guest Blogger – Glory Anwanwan

Glory Anwanwan
Just last week to my delight and excitement I was featured in {iaG | fashion | lifestyle} as a guest blogger with a piece on 2012 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends. This week I’ve decided to make my admiration for Glor’s blog official and present her as one of my favorite bloggers to read – thus thanking her for the lovely introduction of myself on her blog and also returning the compliment. I have invited Glor to be a fashion & beauty guest writer on FashionTag this week hoping she’d say yes.… >> Read more

Star Style. Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey
The so called ‘America Dream’ fashion trend or as some call it the ‘Americana Current‘ of 2012 has a lot to owe to Lana Del Rey if you ask me. Regardless of me being a fan of her music and style (which yes I do confess I hopelessly adore) lately I’ve seen a lot of new fashion editorials that steal or should I say borrow a bit of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Gangster Nancy Sinatra’ and ‘Lolita got lost in the hood’ looks.… >> Read more

Inside Scoop & Invite To Exclusive Fashion Event In London!

The Hub and Kids Company Mad Hatters Silent Auction
Living in London and working for a fashion magazine does indeed have its advantages and a glam side to it. Posh events. Fashion people. Expensive gifts. Celebrities. Parties. Wednesday 2nd of May it’s The HUB Magazine’s turn to organize such an amazing event. This time all the glitz and glam will be for a noble charity cause – the poor, homeless & abused children of London. The Hub and Kids Company Mad Hatters Silent Auction Afternoon Tea Party (May 2nd; 15.00 – 18.00 PM) – The HUB & Kids Company Mad Hatters Silent Auction At The Sanderson Hotel in London.… >> Read more

Coachella 2012. Fashion & Style

Coachella 2012 Fashion: Analeigh Tipton
This weekend the stylish rebel models/actresses/musicians all headed to The Music (and Fashion) Event of the summer – Coachella 2012. Put your jobs and troubles aside as it’s a time for relaxing and chilling in the desert California sun, by a fancy hotel’s pool, sipping cocktails by day and partying by night. La creme de la creme will be there! VIP faces from the music, fashion and film industry will mingle and get lost in the crowd listening to the best music out there.… >> Read more

2012 Fashion Trend. The White T-Shirt

Jessica Alba in White T-Shirt
In those lazy mornings when you head out to work more sleepy than a baby and as less excited as ever…  fashion is the last thing on your mind. And who can blame you when weekends feel shorter somehow and you never get around to doing half of the things you planned for anyway. What should you squeeze in? What to do first? Who to meet first? Why… all of a sudden the weekend is a shorter version of the week in chores and to do lists.… >> Read more

2012 Jewelry Crush. Bracelets – Styles & Celebrities

Gold Bracelets
Remember Marilyn’s famous statement ‘Diamond are  a girl’s best friend’? If I come to think of it (not diamonds per se) jewelry does make us girls quite happy. A great piece of jewelry ads drama, edge, elegance, refinement… Right now I am quite into bracelets and I think the more the better! I prefer big bold, statement jewelry as a rule so it comes with no exception in bracelets. Bracelets can make an ordinary gesture of speaking with your hands seem so stylish, dramatic, trendy and more to the point.… >> Read more