• Makeup Trends 2018: What To Wear & What Not To Anymore?

    Hello 80s eyeshadow, 90s mat brown and copper! Hello glossy faces, wet looks, natural lashes and brows, old-school glam, smudged makeup, natural beauty! Good-bye heavy contouring, perfectly groomed brows, heavy makeup, un-natural false lashes, too polished faces, overdone lip-fillers, perfectly groomed makeup.

    This sums…

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  • Red Boots: The 2018 Biggest Trend That Goes With Everything!

    If you think I'm inconsistent reporting on big trends one day and trends that are over the next, you're right. I am what we (my friends and I) like to call 'all over the place'. Today, my so called condition took me to trends that we love, aka RED BOOTS! And that is with all the capitals and drumrolls in the world, because...…

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  • How To Wear FUR Coats This Season Without Looking Extra?

    For the sake of this post I will assume the most ridiculous thing ever: not all people wanna look extra. I know... shocking for someone so self absorbed with a dash of socially awkward tint. #allaboutme Anyway it's winter - another shocking statement - which means everything sucks except one thing: FUR COATS. They are the…

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  • VINYL Trend 2018: Risque OR Sophisticated?!

    In order to understand the greatness and hotness of vinyl trend in 2018, first of all let me take you back to the 90s MTV days, when Lisa I'Anson, Simone Angel, Davina, Cat Deeley, and Eden (my all time fave!!!!), alongside the 90s supermodels set the tone in fashion and style for us teens and pre-teens all over the world.…

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  • Oversized Puffer Jackets: Why The Sudden Fashion Obsession?

    Whatever I click on these days it's most likely wearing oversized puffer jackets. Whatever shop you'll go to in the next months it will shove a puffer down your throat. Even my closet is not exempt from this fall 2018 trend. Like I said, they are everywhere, and tbh I love it!

    Rewind 10 years back and I was a puffer…

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