TREND ALERT: Heels & Socks

Well isn’t Fashion a fucking bitch, huh? I mean it goes back and forth between faux-pas and trends more than a headless chicken on one too many whiskey glasses. Aka moi on any given Friday night. Okay, not any given, but maybe once every month, or maybe 2 weeks. Ah whatever. How the hell did we end up talking about me again and my penchant for liquor?! So anyway… back in the day when I was a silly lil’ girl I used to LOVE wearing my mom’s heels with my colourful girly socks.… >> Read more

‘Purple Rain’

As you’re now probably stuck humming Prince’s amazeball song in your head all day, you’re also probably wondering what the hell am I trying to suggest. No? Well I’ll tell you anyway. After having read last week that purple and lavender could be the hit colours of 2016 SS season, it hit me: purple might stick this time, and turn into a SS actual trend. But even if it doesn’t, there’s this thing fashion does nowadays – it turns more and more to monochromatic obsessions which end up building trends here and there.… >> Read more

2016 SAG Awards Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

Well… I sat on this red carpet awards for a few days now, and starting the post with ‘well’, ain’t helping much. I liked it. The 2016 SAG awards red carpet had this calm and somewhat effortless vibe to it I think. There were a lot of nice dresses, few wowza moments, few wtf-were-you-thinking and some meh-whatever. It had it all, but there was no high stake so there was no major miss that’ll make us cry for days and turn the word upside down.… >> Read more

Top Men’s Hairstyles In 2016

The world of men’s fashion has exploded in the last decade. As an industry that was once dominated by a focus on women, the last few years has seen the ascent of hundreds of fashion, grooming, and style brands targeting men. Whether you’re a hipster guy who cares to sport the latest must-have jacket or a young professional looking for guidance on how to wear office shirts, one thing every guy has in common is his hair. But how do you choose a hairstyle that’s right for you?… >> Read more

The Button-Down SKIRT.

It’s almost one month now since I proclaimed January the month of Benicio del Toro, when after having watched ‘Sicario‘ I couldn’t shake him off, so the only wise thing to do was to make a new year’s resolution that included him. Re-watching all his films. Unfortunately that’s as far as that affair goes. The easiest fucking resolution ever, nonetheless, let me tell you this. Anyway, what does the sexiest, most beautiful, and talented man alive have to so with the ugliest skirt out there?… >> Read more

The CHOKER Necklace Everyone’s Wearing

Or maybe I should’ve said everyone’s chocking on… you know. For the past 1 week or so it seems somehow the CHOKER necklace – that 90s thin or thick black piece of leather or velvet that is tied in a bow or not around our necks – is having a major comeback. If you’re not into fashion this news is like finding out your neighbour drinks milk. If, however you’re a sartorial person, regardless of you loving the choker trend for 2016 or not, regardless of you wearing it or not, I really can’t help but be a little shocked for one reason alone: what is up with all the fucking hype around this choker thing?… >> Read more

How To Wear Baseball Caps Like RIHANNA?

There comes a time in a woman’s life when her hair is a big mess. In my case it’s on a daily basis. I’ve gotten used to wild hair days, lifeless hair days, dull days, you know… anything the opposite of great hair day, which for me is a brief 10 seconds before I hop in the shower. To cure my bad hair days I am seriously considering including baseball hats into my #OOTD looks. Only thing is… I’m not ready to ditch the glam/smart/posh/sophisticated/feminine outfits and only wear sports.… >> Read more

2016 TREND: Tight Turtlenecks

Looking for someone or something that hugs you in the right place, at the right time, pours tons of warmth and sensual curves on that hot bod of yours? Oh… ticks the sartorial box as well. Looks hot. Is pretty versatile. Loves your body. Knows your body. Flaunts your body. Noooooo, we’re not talking about a bloody fuck boy. It’s the next best thing though: it’s a thing you put on, that makes you feel very sexy in a very retro and un-flaunting-flesh-sort-of-way, it keeps you warm, it covers you entirely, and it used to be a massive hit back in the day. … >> Read more

My Valentine’s Day WISHLIST

I swear sometimes it feels as if we literally jump from one festivity to another, and what follows on the list of parties, celebrations and fab outfits is none other than Valentine’s Day. Can I get a love song here? No? It’s fine. I’ve had so much alcohol and sleepless nights poured into me lately I’m doing just fine entertaining on my own. So many love songs playing in my head, so many candies waiting to be served, that the only thing missing at this point is… a fantastic dress.… >> Read more

DAVID BOWIE: A True Style Icon

‘David Bowie: The man who thrilled the world.’, ‘His death was a work of art.’, ‘He gave us magic for a lifetime.’ – are just a few of the headlines we’ve been reading for the past three days, since one of the greatest music and fashion legends has passed away, at the age of 69, on Sunday, after his birthday and the release of his latest and last album ‘Blackstar.’  Not a line in the world, not a song in a billion could ever sum up the brilliance of Mr.… >> Read more

A Guide to Selecting Skin Tightening Procedures

How we look can be very important to us. Unfortunately, we all will have to deal with wrinkles at some point in our lives. It’s a reality we all have to face. The older we get, usually it’s the worse it gets for our skin and some turn to surgery to try and turn back the clock of time. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many skin tightening procedures available to fit our budgets. Treating wrinkles sooner rather than later means less drastic measures need to be taken.… >> Read more

2016 Golden Globes RED CARPET: Best & Worst Dressed

Who cares if the holidays are done, you know. Red Carpet season is here ladies and gents, and kicking off 2016 are the Golden Globes with some fab moments. There’s the winners, YAY to them all, there’s Leonardo DiCaprio‘s face when Lady Gaga passed by him (priceless), there’s the-capes-are-taking-over-the-world movement happening (almost every single star was wearing some sort of cape dress. whaaaaaaa?!), there’s the overhyped and incredibly stupid duo JLAw and Amy Schumer. Yes, I did just say that, and half of you will probably click away right now.… >> Read more

Post-Holidays Fashion: Too Lazy To Give A Fuck.

Yawn. Maybe it’s just me, but have you noticed how after the holidays everyone is in free fashion fall? No? Just think about it: up until Xmas and New Year’s, which btw I hope you enjoyed to the fullest and wish you a fab 2016, the real and virtual worlds are both packed with what to wear infos and articles, bombarding us with sequin looks, and full-on makeups, and shoes, and bags, and dresses to put on and take off for the winter holiday parties.… >> Read more


What? It’s winter already? Gosh how time flies when you’re having fun. Or growing older. I’ll take the latter these days, as I feel a bit of wiseness too rubbing off on me. The fun part, in my case happens by default, and this year’s been everything altogether, wrapped up in the most chaotic and neurotic bits. There was fun alright, but it was all the highs and the lows too. So what was high you might ask? Aside from my ego, and my head I was pretty lucky and blessed this year.… >> Read more

Casual Outfits To Wear In Between Those Xmas Parties

I get it. No, seriously I do. Everyone these days is high on tinsel, and snowflakes, and trees, singing carols off the top of their lungs, while being draped in glitter trying to please their Santa. Whatever. If you could just come down from the top of your mountain for a bit and pause on Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Xmas’ song, you’d realise that somewhere in between the parties, and the fancy clothes, and the overspending on gifts, and the boozing, and the decorating, and the families, and the friends, and all the beautiful shit, at the end of the day – you still have to work.… >> Read more

Put A Ring On It!

Uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-hun-uh-no. Yes I am now actually singing that Beyonce song, and no it has nothing to do with the forever and ever part of it. It’s actually gotta do with literally putting a ring on IT, ‘it’ being one of your fabulous fingers and swaging your swag to wherever it is you’re going. And that’s exactly what I did: on the gloomiest December morning ever, when it was so cold outside you could barely breath, so foggy I couldn’t see my feet, I put a ring on it, took my photographer pal with me, and shot some pics of my Dragon inspired self.… >> Read more

5 Christmas Looks To Wear This Season

In case you haven’t yet had your overdose of Christmas I’ll give you one to fill your plate and stop all the fussing over the most dreaaaaaaaring question ever: What am I going to wear for Christmas this year? Parties, family dinners, home parties, film nights, painting the town etc. covered. Am I a pal, or am I a pal? In my tiny moments of lucidity, when I’m down from my unicorn I do realise I don’t hold all the sartorial answers, but you know me, I like to delude myself once in a blue moon.… >> Read more

8 Winter Trends To Last A Lifetime

How often do you get to say that about something huh? ‘A lifetime’, ‘forever’, ‘forever and ever’, with no panic attack and real chances of the ‘forever’ happening? Personally I am known for hoping beyond hope, so I’ll let you be your own judge, you can imagine what an idiot I am thinking my relationship with Fashion – 2016 winter trends to be more precise – will actually go beyond eternity, when in fact Fashion is the most neurotic and inconsistent bitch out there.… >> Read more

Holiday Winter Trend: HIGH SHINE

Oh my God, I have like the best idea ever for this holiday season. (now re-read that in spoiled brat voice. flippin’ hair and shit.) Let’s all get high on shine while listening back and forth to Rihanna’s ‘Shine bright like a diamond’ / Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’. Hey! Cheesy is just fine as long as it’s Christmas. Right? Seriously though, these days I ain’t shining so bright no more. I mean we all get those moods and days, but you know what they say: show me a sparkle and I’ll dance to a shiny tune.… >> Read more

The BOB Cut: Why It’s Still The #1 Hair Obsession?

On how I spend my days these days, aside from living the hashtags in my life – #busybee #fuckoff #drankup #iaintneverbitchin – I tend to fantasise a LOT about a different world. It’s a world where there’s background music, where all mistakes turn to great stories, where it’s an all around summer, where we can eat all we want sans the triggering body issues, where the skin is flawless, the eyes are happy, the heart is wild, the brain works 100%, where hair grows right back with just one thought.… >> Read more

How To Travel In Style?

First step: close your eyes, imagine you’re off to some exotic place no basic mortal usually goes to, alongside *insert celeb crush name*, with those BCBGMAXAZRIA oversized shades hanging off the tip of your nose, on which the darnest and cutest septum ring is dangling, with the latest to-die-for phone in your hands cause you need to Instagram the whole shit. Second step: wake the fuck up. This is probably a boring Tuesday in the lives of Gigi and Kendall what’s her face, and the only thing we’ve got in common with those two is probably a vajajay.… >> Read more

2016 Winter Trend: Peekaboo LACE

Did I say I was a vampire? No? Well, I’m not. But I sometimes like to dress like one. And I love to go out at night more than during the day. I wear a lot of black, lace and leather, red lips, chandelier earrings, seduce, charm et all. I drink red wine. My habits sometimes tend to be those of a beautiful immortal (or so I like to delusion myself), so I might as well continue to live in a beautiful lie, if that gives me enough reason to dress like I’m fucking Bella of the Vampire Luxe Ball.… >> Read more


‘How do you spend your Saturdays?’ should be the one thought triggering thousands of moments of bliss making up our weekends. IF, of course, there’s no major hangover happening, cause if that’s the case then we’re fucked. Perhaps the question we should address once Friday hits the calendars is ‘If anything were possible, how would you like to spend your Saturday?’ And then… the magic begins. Of course it’s just a game I’m tempting you into playing, but what else have you gotta do?… >> Read more

Glitter Beards Is Now A Trend?!

I swear to God if I hear one more trend-Y thing about beards I’ll shoot myself. Ha-Ha, wouldn’t you like that. If you don’t have a beard, or don’t occasionally live in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter land (you freak!), I’ll fill you in the latest out there: men are covering their beards in glitter. YES, this is a thing. A winter holiday thing. What do we think about it? Are they crazy? Well… not to sound redundant and patronising, but I told you so.… >> Read more

Holiday Gifts They Will LOVE!

I rarely do exclamation points, but when I do, damn I mean them. Holiday season is here and you may take that information as you wish, but however you take it, this year I promise you one thing: you will not be a headless chicken on a never-ending hopeless hunt for gifts. No-uh! What I hate about the whole process of holiday season gifting is how exhausting it is, when in fact it’s supposed to be this fun day, when you take your girlfriends out and you have a blast shopping, having brunch & coffees.… >> Read more

COATS Battle: Grey Versus Camel

In case you didn’t have too much on your plate already, here’s another one. Because, seriously, a coat battle is exactly what we needed. On the field of sartorial battles… oh, a lot of injured and heroes carved their way throughout time, courtesy of none other than us, deciding with our tiny little brains, clouded by trends and boredom, that it’s time for a fashion blood bath over the silliest things ever. Today, I take the entire blame for such a ruthless shallowness and throw two idiots into battle: the GREY coat versus the CAMEL coat.… >> Read more

Is The Beard Trend Really Over?

It pains me to say it, but the above is hardly a question. It’s more of a statement – the beard trend IS over – I was just trying to let you down gently. Ladies… grab a bag of tissues, and sigh, and cry away. I feel you. Gentlemen… what can I tell you, own that razor game. Should we be that shocked it has come to this? The death of the beard? No-uh. Unless of course we just landed on Earth we’re quite aware of fashion’s incredible predictably, inconsistence, and cyclical movement, and TBH I couldn’t be happier and more excited about the future.… >> Read more

What Do You Wear With Your… Coffee?

It got to a point where it’s so comfortable to wear anything from birthday suits to trouser-suits that no wonder coffee is having its moment these days. It’s a bloody Instagram and IRL star. When everything else fails you know two things: 1) you’ll get you cuppa in the morning when you arrive at the office, or even on your way here, and if you’re into the visual-sartorial shit you’ll probably snap a pic of it with #ootd and everything, AND 2) your cuppa’s gonna be right there for you on lazy weekend mornings when your bed is like a puffy cloud house you don’t wanna leave, or when you’re trying to cure your hangover.… >> Read more

How To Dress Simple But Not Basic?

Aaaa… THE talk. As fucking enticing as it is I’ll refrain my skinny fingertips from typing away into the basic (bitches) talk, because frankly we shouldn’t be bothered with basic stuff. Well that didn’t sound too simple at all, but you know what I mean. A while ago the sartorial world had lost it over basic anything – tops,  pants, cuts et all, when the infamous word was a positive one, like how to wear basic tops, and by that we rocked anything plain, simple, and made it chic.… >> Read more

My Winter Dresses Wish LYST: From Office To Parties

Crispy mornings. Burning coffee in our hands. Fab dress on. Impeccable hair. Right? Wrong. Who cares though. I am in LOVE. Of course if I had a quid for every time I said that I’d be filthy rich, but seriously this time it is so real and true, it’s insane. His name is LYST and he had me at those black Alexander Wang dresses, minimal clean lines, sophisticated embroideries on Dolce and Gabbana, jersey dresses for my ghetto-glam persona, dramatic long dresses for my luxe vampire self.… >> Read more

Should ALL Men Wear Handbags?

Depends on their package doesn’t it? Well, while it may not actually *really* depend on THAT package, the question in question is so good it actually triggers more questions. YES all men should wear bags, but what sort of men bags? And does one bag style fit all occasions? And can men wear bags all the time, like us women do? And why would men wear bags?!! Seriously? Ok, I know the answer. Doh. But playing dumb has actually played well for me at times.… >> Read more

Is LAYERING A Superpower?

Humans are known to layer on solely two occasions, and for two reasons alone. 1. They’re either hot and cold at the same time one million times a day. See the Brits par example. And 2, they’re fashion lovers, who will layer with or without a reason, because you know… layering equals fashion. Right? Somebody’s gotta send this memo shit to my man, because every time I attempt to layer (which is quite rare, but not from lack of love towards fashion, but because I hate being strangled by clothes), and I think I nail the look he’s literally gasping for air, laughing so hard at my layering attempts I don’t know whether or not he’s the ignoramus idiot who doesn’t get it, or I’m the fucked up moronic mess oblivious of her ridiculousness which only makes her (I mean me) the biggest idiot of them all?… >> Read more

Trend Alert: BAGGY Jeans

The only thing looser than my morals these days is apparently the new jeans trend. (TBH I never thought I’d get the day to say this, might as well bloody enjoy it.) BAGGY jeans are in, and they’re looser than your worst behaviour on your lowest weekend. Not feeling like an odd one out anymore I’m actually getting pretty cocky about this. Happy to finally come 2nd at this looseness and ecstatic really about the baggy jeans trend per se. Not gonna linger on the former bit either.… >> Read more

9 TIPS: How To Wear Thigh-High-Boots With Dresses Or Skirts?

Uhm… sans looking like a professional ‘Pretty Woman’ who’s stuck in the 80s in latex and way too fitted mini dresses on an incredibly hot body nonetheless, with a beautiful head the size of a IRL barbie doll – perm curls, pink lipstick, blue eyeshadow et all. Three things the 80s bombshell borderline call-girl always seemed to have on: a lot of sass, a lot of hairspray, and a pair of thigh-high-boots. Fast forward a few decades and 2 things continue to reign the trendy sartorial world: sass, which is replaced by swag, so tomato tomato there, AND thigh-high-boots, the latter being still the hottest shoes in history, with the most epic superpower of them all – they can wowza any outfit in a millisecond, dressing up the most boring piece of shit you have on.… >> Read more

Cropped JEANS Alert!

Hallefuckingluja! The world is suddenly making sense for everybody. Short gals, tall gals, average height gals, we don’t need to stop stressing out anymore over the length of our jeans. The Sparrow Man look is in, and I ain’t talking about Johnny Depp’s rings and sexy voice, uh-huh… it’s those pants that are neither short, nor long. They’re great in fact! And here’s why… The best style gimmick in the world is the exposed ankle, and t’s also the single most flattering and non-freezing piece of flesh we can flaunt in winter.… >> Read more

All Sorts Of Hats!

‘Everyone who’s ever worn, rocked, styled, owned, bought etcetera a hat, please stand up. Thank you. Oh, who’s that little sucker sitting down?’, asked Fashion. ‘That would be me, your Fashion Highness.’ I shyly replied. And that IS me, and that would be the point when everybody else would just die of social forced laughter at moi, the fashion ignoramus who’s got a thing against hats. Stop right there. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I got nothin against hats per se.… >> Read more

Celebrities Halloween Costumes: Let’s Get Some Inspo!

If you thought my extra bubbly, neurotic, chaotic, too-loud-too-wild persona has no shade of boring, well you were right. Although, there are a few occasions when my human side kicks in and I too, alongside the rest of the lot, harbour less cool feelings about this or that, OR even worse, when I stand alone in some major major major world wide event – aka Halloween – like a bloody idiot, and I don’t get it. I mean, I do get it, I just don’t mingle with the trick-or-treat-lot.… >> Read more

Are CAPES The New Coats?

Give me a Seinfeld episode and I’ll laugh for days. Give me a cape, and I’ll do the same. I can’t begin to tell you the wrong levels on all the above, but truth be told it ain’t that wrong. It’s weird – like what does Seinfeld have to do with a cape? – but it’s not wrong. Well… perhaps the second part is. A CAPE instead of a coat? What are we, D’Artagnan fucking musketeer? What’s next, a sword instead of a bag?… >> Read more

Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Drake’s Sweater In ‘Hotline Bling’?

Do we really need to have this conversation?! Okay, no need to pull my hand here. We’ll talk Drake. God knows everyone else is, with the www blowing up these days over whatever the hell this fucking gorgeous man is doing. Yesterday he dropped the video for ‘Hotline Bling’ and the world picked at it inch by inch, from his way way way way too funny dance moves (how can you not love him seriously?!), to the music (he talented ok!), to his sartorial choices.… >> Read more

6 Must-Have Sweaters For This Autumn

You know… those who know nothing about me might be tempted to assume and judge (why not?) my geolocation as being somewhere where the sun always shines, the ocean waves are my BFFs when I surf them every morning, seagulls are my fave tune, sandy feet are my default state. Well… actually that’s what *I* fantasise about. The rest of you lot probably assume, when I strike your thoughts (which I’m sure is like all. the. time. pardon my sarcasm), that my lack of sweaters is due to the weather I roll with, not my not needing them.… >> Read more

Men’s Autumn Looks: 3 Must-Have Jackets

What better way to kick off the week than with some man candy? Oh, I mean man fashion. It’s a win-win situation for both lots actually regardless of their fashion penchant. Besides, it’s been a while since we dipped into our fave men’s looks and what we want our lads to dress like. Also, on Friday I ran into an old friend and after being in awe with him reading le blog, I was also taken aback when he said: ‘what about what WE should wear?… >> Read more

All Red Look. From Daytime To Evening.

Aside from black – which is like the ultimate favourite colour for moi, I think RED comes pretty close in line. So when GCGme clothing brand decided to gift me with this fabulous jumpsuit (my next-in-line-crush) I was literally uh-ing and ah-ing over their Roslin Jumpsuits with a golden belt. I picked the RED one, because I think every now and then, whether it’s for a daytime posh look, or for evening doing the monochrome trend in RED is beyond. It’s the greatest style statement.… >> Read more

2015 Fall Trend: PUNK ROCK

You heard me. And you heard me loud and clear. 2015-2016 Autumn/Winter is dark, dramatic, edgy but sleek, incredibly sexy packed with black outfits, leather, fur, thigh-high-boots, chains, chokers, bold lips, heavy makeup. It’s like a freaking BDSM show, except more sartorially sophisticated. The dark yet very refined somehow punk trend 2015 is not at all new, as it has been done in almost every past decade, but the version it has today… is the best so far. Why? Punk may seem like a very harsh trend – it certainly holds incredible meanings to it, so of course its lack of conformity makes a lot of sense – but the punk look per se is more niche, it resonates more with young people, rebels without a cause, teens, rockstars etc.… >> Read more

5 Ways To Wear Boyfriend T-shirts

When it comes to this style – Boyfriend T-shirts – which actually became quite a trend lately, hold on to your senses and don’t let the name fool you. There is only ONE thing we need in order to nail this look down to its core. And it’s not a human, contrary to the name it implies. For the past couple of years fashion has started to pivot towards more androgynous looks, or at least more effortless, slouchier, looser styles and cuts.… >> Read more

The Slip On Party Dress: #1 Season Staple

This is it people. I proclaim this the IT dress of the century. Actually forget the century, of all times. From its versatility in how-to-wear, to its easiness to be packed and carried even in your pocket to wherever Instagram destination you’re off to, the SLIP ON party dress is the baddest bitch out there. Sans trying. That’s the key. I have no words left in my coloured vocabulary to describe my adoration, love, and lust for this absolutely perfect dress.… >> Read more

2016 Winter Trend Alert: LONG COATS

If you think Mondays are long you clearly haven’t seen the new coats in town for 2015-2016 Autumn/Winter. Oh they’re long. As long as hangovers, or conversations with idiots. Unlike all the above though, they’re magnificent, and I for one am more than in love with the long coat trend. Like so in love I’m putting a ring on it and tattooing forever on my arm. Our relationship with winter coats (or even autumn trench coats) over the years has been both static as well las hectic (much like any human relationship after a while).… >> Read more

Don’t Say It. Wear It.

The fad around town these days seems to be a lack of balls supplemented by our #QOTD consumerism penchant. You feel something, you like something, you dislike something else… don’t say it just like that, find a quote, splash it on a pic that’s got nothing to do with the quote, and share it with total strangers. So in this we-share-everything-culture-but-none-of-us-is-really-sayting-something-personal it’s better to wear it than actually voicing the words. Hm. Something like: Whatever you wanna say to my face, don’t.… >> Read more

Leather Jackets: Our #1 Sartorial BFF

We’re cracking jokes together, bingewatching ‘Homeland’ and ‘Borad-City’, eating chips and ice-cream like there’s no tomorrow, crying about it later, swearing, getting mad, making-up, going for walks, dancing like nobody’s watching, treating hangovers together with massive amounts of pizzas, painting the town, having chemistry so loud Brangelina is like so whatever. Totally. No matter what we do on a daily and nightly basis this little idiot has literally got our backs. Aww. And we took it for granted for so long.… >> Read more

4 Ways To Wear Ankle Boots

The world’s biggest discoveries since Columbus are not avocados, landing on the Moon, water on Mars, peanut butter, post-its. No. No. It’s the ANKLE BOOTS people. If right now you are questioning my shallowness… go ahead, by all means. But while you do it, let me ask you one thing: what are you wearing – shoes wise – in the cold season? Is it avocado? Do you drape yourselves in peanut butter and go on a Moon-Mars vacay? Errrr… I guess nooooot.… >> Read more


My life and its daily moments are totally chaotic, living la vida loca does not come in cheap or easy you know. My feet are dancing all the time, my fingers are typing, my eyes are rolling, my head is spinning, and don’t even get me started on my heart. Kill me now. And I can’t even leave the house without being swamped by fans. It’s the life of the rich and famous you know. I am of course JOKING. If anything, my life is exactly the opposite.… >> Read more

Knickers OUT!

No. This is not a pledge to go commando, although if you haven’t done it at least once, you haven’t lived. Moving on from this not-at-all-awkward-Monday-morning-confession, I have come before you today un-commando, with my knickers bands showing actually, to tell you why I am not crazy, but fashionable. 90s fashionable. There is a saying though that goes something like: if you’ve lived enough to do a trend the 2nd time around, sit it out. It’s basically calling my name, cause in the 90s I pretty much did all there was to be done sartorially, EXCEPT this underwear bands showing.… >> Read more

Falling Into Fall: Draped Blazer Look

You know what they say, you can take the girl out of an all-black-outfit, but you can’t take the all-black-outfit out of the girl. The girl in question being moi. So you can imagine I’ve gone to pretty great lengths for today’s blogpost – wearing all-white. Let me tell you something though: I LOVED IT. And for this I blame three people: my mom (for giving me my amazing skin tone that just looks so good against white. ‘sup mom), my friend Julie, cause you see her and I made a pact (I mean she did, but I’m just tagging along, which she’ll probably realise as she reads this.… >> Read more

The PATCHWORK Trend, OR How To Be A Beautiful Mess?

When it comes to being a mess, not to brag or anything but let’s just say I’m what you call The Queen of the Castle. Sure, a castle of total chaos, where I eat too much, I’m always late, swear too much, drink too much, laugh too loud, get too feisty, but I’m still the queen. Hey, we’re not all perfect you know. But I’m kind. And real. And funny. This, I’ve been told. Also an idiot sometimes. Knowing I’m the biggest idiot of them all comes in handy at times such as these.… >> Read more

Bodysuit Look

Let’s just put it this way: if it was socially acceptable, or I was Rihanna in Cannes that day, I’d only wear bodysuits. Fullstop. I know what y’all are gonna say – but, but, but, the 80s are dead girl. Well… not for me. On top of all my fashion crushes and obsessions the BODYSUIT look is not going anywhere as far as I’m concerned. Especially with fall coming and the temperatures dropping I can’t think of a better top to make us look sleek, put together, kinda sexy, and keep us warm.… >> Read more

2015 Emmys Red Carpet: BEST & WORST Dressed

If your current residence is Earth, you might be familiar with the saying ‘money does not buy happiness’. Well, yeah, but at least you can be sad and stylish, right? WRONG. After last night’s Emmy’s red carpet I have doubts about… everything. We’re talking the biggest celebrities on the planet here, with access to the biggest fashions, the most beautiful gowns, the top notch designers, stylists, the creme de la creme. Above us mortals. So what the fuck happened? It honestly seemed like half the lot over at 2015 Emmys Red Carpet dressed in the dark, and the other half went for a Cookies and Cakes inspired theme from the 80s.… >> Read more

Single And Fabulous!

Exclamation point. Seriously, who needs a plus one when just one can cause a commotion. With exclamation points and all. Fabulousness and everything else. Up to… errr a minute ago strutting single on the scene of fashion was a major faux pas. Or just simple ignorance. Now it’s a coveted thing. Forget two’s and plus ones and pairs and couples, that’s like so last Tuesday. These days it’s all about single. Who needs two earrings when one alone and only alone and by itself, hanging and dangling like an idiot high on happiness on an earlobe colder and more indifferent than a tree, can do the trick?… >> Read more

Is KHAKI The New Black?!

Uhmmmm… I am trying my very best here to not cuss, and see the khaki trend 2015 side of things but… I’m only bloody human. No more black?! What you nuts? That’s not even a question. And I ain’t dignifying such a faux pas Q with an answer. Yes, I have lately been seen and spotted one too many times in white, and red, and blue, and all the other yippie-yay colours, but black remains my only love. I just happen to have a nice tan so I was only playing up on that, and now when I’m back in the all-black business you are telling me it’s over.… >> Read more

Wearable Technology Revolutionises The Fashion Industry

Fashion will be dominated by the growth of wearable technology in years to come. This is the opinion of both fashion and tech industry leaders. Everything from your suit to your shoes, your watch to your glasses will be smart. A 2014 report from Gartner projects that the sales of smart clothes could reach $4.97 billion in 2020, up from 2013’s minuscule $1 million. In other words, it’s just the beginning for the merger of fashion and technology. The First Foray Into Fashion When Google first released its Google Glass, many people were enthusiastic about the technology but were apprehensive of what the pair of glasses looked like.… >> Read more

What Do You Think About The VELVET Trend This Fall?

‘If it was socially acceptable, I’d drape myself in velvet.’, said George Costanza once. Little did he know a few years later head-to-toe-velvet would not only be acceptable, but also coveted. Crazy bitch this Fashion huh? And me, for the first time in a loooong time I have no clue whatsoever about where I’m standing in regards to this trend. Who am I kidding? I rarely have a clue about anything I’m doing. Confusing, inconsistent, impossible to make up my mind is my middle name basically.… >> Read more

The IT BAG Of 2016: The FANNY PACK Is Back.

There’s a reason for the lack of question mark in the title, and it has to do with a little plot we’ve all gotta game up on. We have to bring this dorky yet badass waist belt bag back (also known as the fanny pack). Don’t you think? Of course we’re not gonna take ALL the credits for its return, should it happen big time, cause we don’t care abut that. All we care about is strutting down the streets with free hands, cause all of our un-necessary crap is stuffed in a fanny pack elegantly and effortlessly slinging off our waists.… >> Read more

Cotton Candy. White Skirt. End Of Summer.

Wiping my tears off and mending a broken heart is what I’m doing these days. Why the drama you may ask? It’s the end of summer people – officially –  and I don’t think I’m ready to face the blizzard yet. Not to mention I’d kill for a cotton candy right now, and it’s only 10 am. I am pretty fucked up, up there. Regardless, life goes on, with or without pink cotton candies, and sweaty heat. There’s beauty in autumn weather, and rain, and cold, and grey skies.… >> Read more

How To Wear Sweaters As Jackets?

You know that feeling when you literally want to save the best for last? When you want to indulge in that favourite thing you have, in your guilty pleasure, whether it’s your food, your film, your song, your whatever (feel free to go wild, God knows we’ve all got a bunch of shits under our belts), but you know the moment you start your ‘indulging process’ you’re basically heading to the finish line as well. It’s like the freaking popcorn at movies.… >> Read more

Should We Bring The POWER-SUIT Back?

Yaasss. Yaasss. Yaasss. Man, if I had a quid for every time I say ‘yas’ IRL as well as virtually, or on my head, Bill Gates would have nothing on me. Well, perhaps a few dimes here and there. There’s the amount of usage YAS has in my case, and also the constant in-my-mind debate whether it should be capital-letters or not, how many Ss, how many As is should have. Maaaaan the problems I have these days. It’s a hard life I tell you.… >> Read more

Fashionably Late.

Whether or not you give a shit, imma tell you something anyway: ever since I met this sophisticated flawless and flawed mama called Fashion, I’m always late. All. The. Time. And *this* is happening to somebody – as in moi – who was never late. Actually, if anything I was always early. But you see, it’s not cool to be early, or so I’ve heard. Plus there’s a ton of stuff we gotta mingle by the time we’re 30, and this alone is a great excuse for those 15 min late.… >> Read more

A Few Tips To Read Before Drastically Changing Your Look

There are lots of reasons someone might get the urge to change their look: graduating from school, getting a new job, starting or ending a relationship—the list could go on. Sometimes, when we have a big life change, or when we want to have a big life change, changing our look can put us in the right mental state. There are lots of ways you might consider changing your look, but if you’ve never actually tried any of them before, you may feel like you just aren’t sure if any of them will work for you.… >> Read more

‘Excuse me While I Kiss The Sky’

Jimi playing in my ears. Jack of All Trades Tee hanging off my back. Voodoo Child by my side. My wild ways never tamed and always getting me into trouble… just an ordinary day in my deranged beautiful world. And if you count my talented photographer girl by my side, shooting for one of my favourite brands these days – Jack of All Trades – I’ll tell you this, it don’t get no better. Those who know me know that I’m anything but in-between, hence my girly days some days, or my Tom-boy’ish outfits another, my rocknroll heart and my hip hop songs.… >> Read more

Get The Look: Shirt Dress X Statement Bag

According to a boring bastard called ‘The Calendar’ who marks time and seasons for us sartorial mortals, the end of summer is here, which means layering season is upon us. After a few months spent in bikinis and birthday suits I guess it’s time we kissed all of that shit goodbye and got back to long sleeves, shirts, and jackets… But you see, it ain’t always like ‘The Calendar’ preaches. Here I am listening to this asshole, wearing long sleeves (cause it’s September) only to witness myself melt away.… >> Read more

5 Accessory Trends For The Coming Fall

While the summer season is still upon us, and many of us are still wearing bathing suits and sundresses every chance we get, autumn is inching ever closer, and with it a whole new wave of fashion trends. So far at fashion shows and in style publications around the world, the focus for the coming season has been on accessories. As a result, I wanted to round up some of the most intriguing ideas that we’ll see in the months ahead.… >> Read more

Late Summer. Long Sleeves

It was the best of summers. It was the worst of summers. But aren’t they all, with peaks and pits, with sartorial BAMs! and fashion faux pas. That’s the fun of it. I might be a little too quick to jump to fall right now, and with that haste, a bit unfair, as this is posted from a beach in Greece… but ladies, autumn is heading our way, and we gotta kiss this summer goodbye. Slowly or fast depending on where you’re at.… >> Read more

Autumn’s #1 LIPSTICK Trend: Mysterious DARK

Aside from a mix of sheer panic and a bit of that impossible to resist mystery and sex-appeal oozed by dark lipstick, the very thought of wearing maroon, dark red, purple, black lips in 2015-2016 Fall is beautiful and scary. The beauty trend that was driving my parents insane in the 90s, every time I’d sneak out the house in dead-dark-lips is having a major comeback for sometime now. We’ve already talked about dark lipstick in the cold season in this blogpost, but I somehow feel it’s never redundant to discuss more makeup, more beauty trends, more how we’d wear it, and if we’d do it.… >> Read more

SUNGLASSES Talk: Behind Shades

Here’s the thing – whatever you do in life two things you gotta keep in mind: never be shady, and always wear shades. What may seem like a play of words or just bullshit off my chest, is actually none, but a simple truth. Keeping it real is a trait only the best and kindest ones have, so let’s all strive for that, and while we’re all busy being our best versions, we might as well do it in rocknroll and razzmatazz style… by resorting to sunglasses.… >> Read more

Tote Bags?! Totes, Totes, Totes, Totally.

About say… 100 years ago, when I was younger and the opposite of smarter (not that anything’s really changed that much over the decades) my relationship with Totes was amazing. NON-existent, to be more precise. In fact I hated the son-of-a-bitch. Except for its sweet and funny first name – Totes (short for Tote Bag), I found nothing appealing about this bloody bag. I thought it was the most boring, lifeless, and least imaginative bag, hence total waste of leather or fabric.… >> Read more

Hair-O-Scope: Tell Me Your Sign, I’ll Tell you Your Hair…

My little twinkle stars… when it comes to hair, and its many many styles and trends – it’s all written in the skies. Each hair has its own destiny, and though it may take billions of shapes, and sizes, and colours throughout its life, it will always feel and look best when it fulfils its destiny. Which lies in the stars. No. I did not just hit my head, nor am I drunk. Nor crazy. Well… that’s up for discussion. It’s summer, which means LEO season, which means my bday today of all days, which means I’m more prone to all these signs and stars and skies and fate things.… >> Read more

FLASH TATTOOS: What Happens At Sunset?

Sunset. Sandy feet. Glowing skin. Wild hair. And in between, the flashes of my gypsy heart and flash tattoos. The perfect scene of an early summer evening when my photographer and I decided to tell our story, on a beach, with a camera, a black maxi dress, lots of rings, laughter, chats, and the stars of the show: the jewellery tattoos I got from Barebaroque. Unless you’ve been hiding underneath a rock for the past year, or you’ve been busy travelling to Mars, you’re well aware that every freaking fashion obsessed person on this planet is sartorially addicted to a new body jewellery trend: the FLASH TATTOOS, also known as the jewellery tattoos.… >> Read more

The Utility Jumpsuit Trend: YES Or NO?

Nothing is worse than being sartorially blindsided. One minute everyone’s doing some zebra shit print, I’m just getting the hang of it, and it’s right then and there, when I take my eyes off my feet and selfies that I’m fucking black-swan’ed. Everyone’s obsessed with a new fad. Only thing is… when it comes to THIS particular fad, that has made headlines last fall, but didn’t quite catch-on, everyone is not really everyone. Just some. Okay, enough already, the suspense is killing me.… >> Read more

Can We Wear One-Piece Swimsuits As Bodysuits?

Perhaps the more appropriate question would be HOW to wear one-piece swimsuits as bodysuits on the streets during the day, or at nighttime as evening tops? Because you see… we’re queens we CAN bloody do anything we want. No, this is not a joke-post, I am seriously asking this question and with it, seriously considering doing this look. I would’t be the first one actually. Well… perhaps among the few mortals, cause them VIPs and celebs have resorted to this look quite a few times.… >> Read more

A Case For Nude Summer Hats

It’s like anywhere I look these days there’s always a head in a hat popping up. From Instagram feeds to actual IRL feeds, it’s summer hats, hats, hats everywhere. Is that great, or what?! Well… it’s fantastic if you’re into hats and you’re actually wearing them and pulling off this bohemian-sophisticated summer style, but   what if you’re not part of the cool kids when it comes to summer hats? Yes, I am yet again making this about me, on the hope that 1) I am not the only human alive who doesn’t wear hats, and 2) I will reconsider soon.… >> Read more

Why Black Summer Dresses Are A Must-Have?

There was a time in my life when I never wore black, when I hated this non-color, when you couldn’t catch me dead wearing black summer dresses. Oh wait, that’s a lie. People, I will tell you this – a sartorial life sans noir is tres boring. Wearing black all the time has even got me to this chic level that I now speak fluent French. Well that’s a lie too. The part about speaking French. What is real though is that to this day I remain true to the one colour that fits me like a glove – black – and although in summer I get quite a lot of raised eyebrows by choosing to drape myself in black like I’m the fucking queen of… something, it has never stopped me.… >> Read more

Summer Heights: Platforms & Flatforms

Or… ‘gotta stay high (and tall) all the time’. In order to be on your sartorial game this summer, apparently there’s only one must shoes wise: platform shoes and flatforms of all sorts. Forget stilettos (nooooooooooooooooooooo!). And tbh there’s really no groundbreaking news here, not with the 70s still towering over us like a hawk, and not with last year’s invasion of Stella McCartney’s flatforms. Oh and also I might be quick to jump to conclusions, but I’ll just put here: it’s all a continuation of the ugly shoe trend.… >> Read more

9 Beach Essentials You Need This Summer. Chicness Guaranteed

Again I am being a selfish biatch with this post, cause the reason behind it purely my own incapacity to decide what I’ll need to buy/have/take and NOT, at the beach this summer. On holiday, and not only. I mean I live by a beautiful ocean and dip my toes into its turquoise water and white sand every fucking day. In my dreams of course. Right. So, being a hectic kinda gal, has taught me that in order to not pack EVERYTHING I own on a summer vacay all I have to do is look back into the past and see what I did and what I wore, and I’ll have my answer.… >> Read more


They say red outfits are the dopest of all. I don’t know about that, but red sure is enticing and hot as hell, er… I mean as the weather outside these days. And yet, I never wear it. Well, except on my lips, and in my heart. Ugh… how cheesy was that. Moving on. The reason I’m seeing red these days has little to do with my state of mind, and what one might be so quick to jump to beefs and madness conclusions and more to do with something else, that I cannot actually reveal yet.… >> Read more

Beach Waves HAIR: The #1 Summer Hairstyle Trend

When the going gets tough, aka any given Monday morning, just say to hell with it all and head to the beach. Right. If only it was that simple. What is simple though, is pretending we’re going to the beach. Whaaaaaaaa?! Miming beach looks in dead-centre town-lives, in busy mornings schedules that look like anything but the lives of beach friendly rich and famous – now why on Earth would you do that? Pretend you live by the ocean (beauty wise and all), when in fact you’re literally hitting your head against thousands of walls and concrete?… >> Read more

How To Dress For A Rooftop Party?

Ermm… first of all don’t bother. And second off all don’t go. Problemo solved. The world has had enough of summer parties, and drunken monologues, and whatever else comes with the intoxicating heat and beverages, right? Uh-huh… WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. (No. It’s not a typo, just making sure you got the ‘wrong’ right.) There are never too many summer parties, no such thing. Nor too many sartorial problems related to them. In fact they’re the only problems we salute and embrace.… >> Read more

Fashion Essentials For The Great Outdoors

Being a fashionista is a tough gig. Not only do you constantly have to keep up to date with the latest trends, you will also spend a serious amount of time thinking about what to wear in all any given situation. And life is always throwing up challenges. Like how on earth to still look like your gorgeous, fashionable self when you’re half way up a mountain, walking across a windy beach or camping in the wilderness for a weekend? But help is at hand style queens -– see below for some tips on what to wear in the great outdoors.… >> Read more

Blue Jeans X White Shirt

‘Walked into the room you know you make my eyes burn. It was like James Dean, for sure.’ Well… let’s not get carried away here, but TBH, Lana del Rey’s not that far off you know. There’s something incredibly sexy the simplicity of a white shirt and jeans hold. Period. Perhaps it has to do with the easiness of the look, the effortlessness, the borderline French chic vibes it plays with, the casual smart style, the versatility… who knows. One thing remains true: to this day, with a few nips and tucks inherent to each and everyone’s personal style, the white shirt and jeans look remains a classic.… >> Read more

Office Dresses: How To Look Like You Rule The World?

You know those late afternoons, when you’re wearing office dresses and, on your way home you’re ambushed by paparazzi, and they stalk and follow you everywhere, from office, to lunches, to early dinners, to God knows where your busy schedule takes you that day? And you know that feeling of being followed by them photographers at all times? Yeah. Neither do I. With this week’s photoshoot though, I got as close to this feeling as I ever will. Thank God for two things: magic hour, AND my polished business dresses from CECILY, a UK brand that designs the epitome of office dresses, to keep you looking the part at all times.… >> Read more

The Only SKIRT You Need To Wear This Summer!

The daily journeys that lead to any of my un-interesting rambling wannabe funny fashion stories are never-ending sources of inspo. And everyone who’s anyone, or no one, is a target. And so are the looks people are giving me, I mean looks they’re doing on their daily catwalks called streets, offices, bars, pubs, restaurants, concerts and what not. I’ll take what I can and roll with it, thank you very much. So is the case of the PLEATED SKIRT – the ONLY skirt we’ll ever ever ever need this summer.… >> Read more

HAWAIIAN Shirts For MEN: How To Look Cool Wearing Them?

Once I decided to get my head out of the world wide web and pay less attention to my phone, I noticed the amount of well dressed men out there. Well, sort of… let’s not get carried away here. It also dawned on me that during these hot summer days men tend to be divided into two groups. The sartorial savvy and the fashion ignoramus. With the boiling degrees out there you can’t blame either, bless ’em, BUT we can certainly talk.… >> Read more

Peasant Tops: Secret To Looking Like A Boho-Chic Queen!

Some of the most beautiful things in life we take for granted, and in all honestly I feel like, in my case, the peasant tops are one of them. For a few years now these boho chic blouses, usually in white with tiny sweet embroideries on them, are making front stage on catwalks, streets, festivals, and even office wear. Of course it’s not the first time in history they’re making trendy appearances. In fact, it was in the 70s that these peasant tops had a trendy trait bigger than my ego.… >> Read more

STRIPES Trend 2015: Why It’s The Best Thing In The Whole World?

Whether they’re going up, down, horizontal, diagonal, mixed or matched STRIPES trend 2015 will forever remain the best looking lines in the whole wide world. They’re that BFF that basically has it all: relax and cool enough to get tipsy with, polished enough to take to fancy gatherings, lazy enough to binge watch your fave TV shows with, funny enough to make shopping for nothings hilarious, sexy enough to give you swag, silly enough to make you laugh on a bad day.… >> Read more

Bucket Bags: The New Bloggers’ Obsession?!

Bucket bags, bloggers, obsession, fashion, passion… talk about a pretty sight with a dash of beautiful cliches, that I’ll take any day, thank you very much. As the spoiler in the title so un-originally predicts — yes, 2015 summer belongs to the bucket bags in all their glory, sizes, colours, retro vibes, and bohemian cool moods, and if you’re one to look for the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of this summer bag trend, look no more. I have found the culprits of this fad in the form of: 1) the 70s fashion that we will apparently never shake off.… >> Read more

GYM Outfits: What To Wear When Working-out?

Being self absorbed comes with a few downsides (really?), or so I and my pal have learned last week in our gym outfits while working our fab bodies. I mean we show up to the gym, stick to our schedule, chit chat, always laugh our asses off, and then go home. In this process we usually have to wear clothes. I know, what a drag. Anyway we do it, because it’s a social thing. What we wear is un-importate. Or so we thought.… >> Read more

4th of July Outfit Ideas

Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time to start thinking about all of your fun plans in the weeks and months ahead. And while you might be feeling like summer is just getting started, the 4th of July is just around the corner, so if you’ve been thinking about doing something special for the 4th this year, don’t let it sneak up on you! Whether you’re the type to love a party, or you want to take advantage of the long weekend for a vacation, start your planning now for a really great 4th of July.… >> Read more

Summer Pants: What’s HOT This Season?

If we could travel in time for the sake of fashion and rocking the chicest summer pants, I’m skeptical most of us would actually go for the 80s. Or even the 70s, as big as they are these days. Sure, those decades hold an enormous amount of other funs we’d probably devour in an instant, and jump our bubbly asses right into the time machine to take us to Woodstock or God knows what other cool place to mingle with history – but in this journey, fashion would come second, right?… >> Read more

‘Life Is Art In Motion’: In Redbubble Leggings & Tee

Crushing over the same things over and over and over and over again is definitely my #1 strength (and weakness). But leave it to fashion to add more insult to injury, and turn me into an even more inconsistent, troubled, and constantly falling mess over new pieces. I am known to have a soft spot for street art, white T-shirts, lipstick, poems, bling, urban style, life, funky prints, clashing looks, music, films, disgusting food, Jack. Uh… I will probably stop here with my guilty pleasures sharing.… >> Read more

How To Do ALL WHITE Summer LOOKS: 8 Must-Have Pieces

What may sound like the stupidest question ever – how to rock all white summer looks? – (uh… here’s a thought: just wear white clothes), is actually not so idiotic. All white summer looks tend to be very pretentious, hence me never wearing them contrary to my preaching. Or they’ve got this nurse vibe to them. Thank you, but I’ll pass. So, figuring out HOW to pull off all white summer looks, and be sophisticated can mean a few sartorial headaches.… >> Read more


You know how I once said we’re merely living off past fashion trends and how nothing is remotely new anymore? As true as that may be, sometimes a little sartorial genius crawls into all this beautiful mess and has us all going crazy over a totally new trend. Ladies and gents I give you the FLASH TATTOO.  If you ask me this look is as new as it gets, and its beauty also lies in how it tackles 2 other major trends: tattoos & jewellery.… >> Read more

4 DRESSES To Wear To The Office This Summer

Because: 1) birthday suits are out of the question, and 2) trousers we’ve had enough of in winter, so that leaves summer dresses for work as close as you can get to keeping and looking cool in summer. Yet, it ain’t all that easy. I mean have you seen the amount of dresses styles out there? How the hell are we suppose to pick one which looks professional but is comfortable enough and looks fucking amazing on us, is not expensive, but it ain’t cheap either, is a staple, but trendy enough, screams success but is effortless, and very very very very easy to wear and style.… >> Read more

Adidas Superstar Sneakers: The Badass Shoes That Killed The Heels?!

Since I’ve made peace with the thought that I’m growing older but not wiser, life is more beautiful. And in this recent process of revelation (and obliviousness) I understood why I also find myself gravitating towards sneakers. Current crush: Adidas Superstar sneakers. Heels? I adore. But, I somehow cheat my way out of wearing them by doing more sporty chic looks, more casual chic style, or ghetto urban inspired. Or so I think. God knows I try, so 10 points there.… >> Read more

The Neon SWIMSUITS Everyone’s Wearing This Summer

Two things I LOVE in life. Okay actually more, like a lot more, especially lately, but who the hell cares anyway? It has recently dawned on me I may not be the centre of the universe. #lol Once the bloody temperatures heat up, I swear I got so many likes and fashion crushes under my belt I can’t take it. And with them, the urge to share my new obsessions, hence today’s blogpost. This summer though, being a year older and wiser (who the fuck am I kidding, right?… >> Read more

STRAW BAGS: The IT Trend Of 2015 Summer?!

Every now and then I get off my unicorn and decide to mingle with everyone else. Just kidding. I was just about to tell you the straw bag and wicker chair story of 2015 summer, starring none other than this self-absorbed, insecure, fashion-obsessed, crush-developper, but extremely kind and loving gal-pal — Moi. Let’s all take a minute and laugh. Or, take this very seriously. However you wish, I’m fine with it. So… as soon as summer heat starts boiling up, and the sun’s brighter than my brain on a good day, I develop a case of split personality.… >> Read more

Summer Shoe Obsession: LACE-UP FLATS

One of the perks of being a sartorial insider is the scoop and inherent crushes you develop on the latest fads in town, aka lace-up shoes. The downside, however is that you are regarded, one too many times, as a shallow idiot by the fashion ignoramus. Or, in the bestest cases you’re the target of jokes. A lot of jokes. This is where I come in. If it were’t for my bubbly and quirky and funny (thank you!) personality, AND my regarded-as-fun-job-in-fashion my lot of friends would be bored as fuck.… >> Read more

Granny Panties Are IN, Thongs Are Out

Exclamation point. Somewhere between uber sexy, hot-as-hell looks and trends that fashion is kinda promoting by default sometimes, and the rise of relaxed, Tom-boyish, 70s fashion — looks and styles have, overall, started to be more realistic, more personal and in tune to each and everyone’s own takes on fashion. It’s all a bit more fun, effortless, cool. On top of this, the sartorial business finally decided to wake up to reality, accept AND embrace a variety of body shapes. Real women do come in all shapes and sizes, and as much as we like to look and feel sexy, comfort and confidence top any hotness out there.… >> Read more

Are MIDI SKIRTS The Best Thing In Fashion, Or What?

You know how we always want the best of both worlds? The sweet and the sour please. The cake and the figure. Mr. Wrong and Mr. Right. 90s hip hip and a bit of Arctic Monkeys. Kim Kardashian’s closet. Tons of friends. True love. All gain and no pain. No, it’s really all possible. On Jupiter maybe, or Mars. I heard the Moon can be an option too. But what do we do if we live on Earth? Errr we do nothing.… >> Read more

Let’s Wear Vests And Be Wild Gypsies!

If going bare foot EVERYWHERE would be okay from all points of view, I’d totally do it. I’ve done it as a kid, what’s a few years later right? Well… funny you should ask. A few years later is: being slightly older, not wiser though (so we’re safe there), and is having a few extra obsessions among which fashion reigns. At heart though, we stay the same. Kind and a bit wild. From this place of perfect-chaotic mix of moods and styles-clashing comes the comfort and cool bohemian happy vibes I had shooting a few pics for this blogpost.… >> Read more

STRAPLESS Looks: THIS Spring’s IT Style?!

Everyone please take a step back to almost those 2000s (NOOOOO!), reassess, and basically strip off all sleeves, strips, bras, tees, and parade in naked shoulders, backs and half backs. If life alone would’t be so confusing I wouldn’t have a problem with fashion being one thing today and the opposite tomorrow, BUT in my case, it seems it’s all so intertwined I don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore. From human behaviours, all the way to trendy looks, it’s all changing.… >> Read more

‘I Woke Up Like This: FLAWLESS’

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carefree. All opinions are 100% mine. The fact that we all wake up flawless, with perfect curled eyelashes, amazing bed-hair, soft skin, feeling fresher than a green and orange juice altogether – goes without saying. Right? Well… let’s just say flawless is a state of mind and sprit. How we feel on the inside. Translating that to the human eyes and senses around us might require a few aids here and there.… >> Read more

6 Ways To Make Boyfriend T-Shirts Look Chic?

Somewhere between the 90s oversized band T-shirts we used to wear, and today’s 20-years-older-selves stealing our men’s shirts and tees to linger a little bit longer over coffee one morning, being told how sexy we looked – something happened. A sartorial click in our lives that comes with age, love for fashion, and the need to look effortless and relaxed rather than skin-tight-glamour-puss uncomfortable. We are grown up women with a penchant for all men’s clothes. Amen to that. Once we gave boyfriend jeans and boyfriend blazers a try, we were hooked.… >> Read more

Lipgloss VESRSUS Lipstick: Should We Bring LIPGLOSS Back?

The X and Y versus-talk is never ever a winning battle, but in fashion as in life, it ain’t all about the destination or the result. Sometimes the journey, aka the talk is the whole point – the cake AND the cherry on top too. (great, now I’m craving for chocolate cake.) With that out of the way we can easily discuss LIPS trends for 2015.  We will not suck on bottles or what the hell that Kylie Jenner lip thing was about!… >> Read more

Spring Trend Alert: ORANGE Is The New Black?!

Or, 50 Shades of Tangerine? Or why don’t you better ‘picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies.’ We might as well do it, and live on tangerines, oranges, sugar melons, lemons, and all the possible fruits of this summer shade. I mean, since we go through all the trouble of eating orange food and watching orange shows I think we could actually go all the way and drape ourselves in tangerine. It’ll only show our full commitment. … >> Read more

5 Ways To Wear Boyfriend Cutoffs

I am already assuming I sound redundant, if not, even slightly obsessed. Well… slightly might be a too easy word for describing myself. Anyway, those who know me know I am obsessed with A LOT of stuff, A LOT of stuff. That wasn’t a typo, just repeating to make sure you understand. One of my lifetime obsessions has to do with cut-offs. Denim shorts. I’ve worn them since the 90s and probably never passed on cutting pair of old jeans in favour of some cool cutoffs.… >> Read more

Spring Jackets Alert: LIGHT TRENCH COATS

My prayers have been answered! Well, they do say if you pray hard and wish for something really bad, the universe – aka FASHION – will make your wish come true. Explanation: remember how for the past years I kept ranting and ranting about fashion not being able to come up with some other cool jackets for spring other than leather or denim jackets? Especially when there was a point in my life when I had just had it with leather jackets.… >> Read more

4 BANGS Hairstyles: MAJOR Hair Trend Alert For 2015

To BANG or not to BANG? That is the question on everyone’s lips this season. Well… it’s been on mine for a year now, ever since I’ve decided to be more adventurous HAIR wise. Now all I have to do is to just put this mind-decision into actual practice. We are talking HAIR TRENDS today, so don’t go out banging… your head against walls. If that’s what you thought I was talking about. Instead, let’s get chatty and serious about having BANGS.… >> Read more

SLIDE SANDALS: The Biggest Shoe Trend This Summer?!

I swear slipping and sliding into summer has never been more smooth. sssssssssexy and sssssssssssizling hot. Actually not. More like fun. The SLIDE SANDAL is taking over every single outfit and every single look this summer. IF (and this is a major ‘if’) you’re a fashion lover. Otherwise, chances are YOU WILL NOT GET THIS TREND. If you think I’m shouting, you’re right. Ah… how does one lot, who lives for and adores fashion end up with these shoes as the hottest mofos out there? … >> Read more

2015 MET Gala Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 04:  Rihanna attends the "China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)
THIS is not for the faint-hearted people. I repeat, THIS is not for the faint-hearted people. The MET GALA event, through everything it stands for is one of the best red carpets to combine fashion, a great cause, art, over-the-top gowns, celebs, and all the perks and slight ridiculousness of this sartorial world we sartorial lovers adore. If you don’t get it, don’t judge. Unless of course we’re all judging the red carpet, cause that’s what we do: we judge. We love them all, but a bit of bad-mouthing is, if not great, at least funny.… >> Read more

Wood Watches: The New Accessory TREND This Season

The great thing about being in a loop on a new trend is you’re the only one doing it, or among the very few, and THAT, if you’re into fashion is the best thing ever. When I was gifted with this incredibly trendy wooden watch from JORD, beyond the excitement we all get from receiving gifts, I was mostly curious to see how a wooden watch feels on wearing it. How it looks, how polished it is? Does it tell time the same way?… >> Read more

Knee-Cut Jeans & Why We’re All Obsessed With Them?

My uncontrollable urge to ripping and cutting ALL my jeans in the knees, is not the only reason behind this post. What triggered this trend-idea for me, was a slightly unfortunate but nevertheless funny thing that’s happened to one of my friends just last week. The same friend who’s the photographer behind this style-post. So anyway, she was out with some friends shooting pics (doh) when she had a tiny accident. She fell. The outcome, aside from her tiny little injured knees and elbows (the camera was fine though), was the involuntary ripping of her jeans, right in the knees.… >> Read more

The 4 Jewellery Pieces You Need For 2015 Summer

Probably the happiest I’d ever be, was in this parallel universe where opulence and covering yourself in jewellery was mandatory. Not that I’m so far away for this reality IRL, but if I were to be honest here… (cringe) I’m only doing entry level, jewellery wise. Ah well… it’s good to set boundaries every now and  then. However you look at jewellery and however you chose to wear it – statement, dainty, minimal, or all over your body – one thing will always stand the test of time: jewellery and accessories are the little Devils in style, and they make all the difference. … >> Read more

Trending: #TheUsProject & Why Clicking Together Is The New Trend?

(This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Soffe for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.) If I had a dime for every selfie I took I’d be spending big time now, shopping and living the good life. But that ain’t happening. Instead I am stuck with an Instagram of way too many selfies that do me no justice in regards to what they could say about my self esteem or lack thereof (not the case though. I chose selfies cause I’m the cheapest and most accessible photographer).… >> Read more

Eyewear Trend For 2015 Summer: CAT-EYES!

The fact that nothing is out of fashion these days, makes the TREND of wearing eye-wear a blessing for us short sighted people. Of course if that weren’t so, and wearing glasses would be a fashion crime, I’d be banned from the sartorial word. Hello, my name is Dana Cristina and I am blind as a bat. But fashion is one hell of a lady, and not only so many eyewear glasses are trendy these days, but clashing styles, and wearing glasses on a night-out even, or out of office with quirky outfits and edgy looks is quite the fashion statement.… >> Read more

Summer Dress: It’s A WRAP!

Say it with me: ‘It’s a WRAAAAAP!’ Now don’t y’all feel like some big shot movie director on the set of some big shot picture? Uhhh… well, maybe that’s just my mind set right now. Anyhow, it’s not films and flicks we talk about here today, but FASHION. What a surprise, right? More so than fashion, I thought of going a bit in time with today’s post right to the 70s when the fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg invented the iconic wrap dress that was about to become a symbol of femininity, women’s freedom, a staple, and so much more than just a dress.… >> Read more

How To Boost Your Wardrobe For Less By Shopping Online?

What’s your favourite way to shop? Online, on-store, or your best friends closet? While these are all great options in their own regard (sorry best friend), did you know that you could actually get really great deals on awesome items by shopping online? One of the main reasons that online shopping has become so popular for consumers and retailers alike is its intrinsic cost-cutting nature. The middleman (or the traditional brick and mortar shop) is totally removed from the equation, leaving nothing between the consumer and the manufacturer.… >> Read more

Summer Trend Alert: KNIT & CROCHET Tops

Lower that eyebrow please. And put the phone down, no need to call grandma for this one. As happy as you think she’d be to hear that knits are a trend even in summer these days, you may wanna reconsider having a knit party with her on this one. Yes… knitted tops and crochet tanks and tops are IN this summer. We’ve be warned from the runways. all the way to celebs’ street style, and those Instagram sexy cuties in tiny little crochet bustiers, knitted halter necks, tank tops and all that’s in between these styles and fabrics.… >> Read more

Boyfriend Jeans: Trend OR Staple?

The thing about boyfriend jeans is that, (1) no male specimen is required, and (2) the aforementioned baggy jeans can be either trend or staple. Yet, if we’re to act like respectable sartorials over here we might just look the truth straight in the eye and tell it like it is. Boyfriend jeans started off a few years ago as this uber and frankly way too trendy item in every girl’s closet. Their birth as baggy relaxed jeans totally opposite to their skinny siblings, had probably something to do with the 80s mom jeans (that too are back in fashion) and the classic boot cut denim design of the 90s.… >> Read more

Are BLOCK HEELS The New Stilettos? The SANDALS Of 2015 Summer

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset
I swear to God I’ve travelled back in time this past few years more then the ‘Traveller’s Wife’s’ husband. I’ve been to the 20’s, to the 60’s, just a few months ago I was hippie as shit over at Woodstock alongside Janice and her entourage, then I was kicking it back in the 90s with all my besties… Those who don’t know I have this superpower must think I’m just incredibly inconsistent with a dash of sartorial ADD. They’re not wrong-wrong actually, but that’s not the point.… >> Read more

2015 Spring Trend Alert: NUDE

Well there goes my posh-polished-occasionally-edgy wardrobe out the window. Hold your horses now. Before you start undressing yourself and marching out among other human beings in your birthday suit, you might wanna read the title again. It ain’t about bare bums and boobs and all-the-skin-out-in-the-open… so you can breath now and say your ‘thank you’s’. It’s about 1,000 shades of nudes. Okay, not any less weird. It’s browns, beiges, cream shades and everything in between. Continuing my colour mission, here I stand again before you on this very boring but quite promising mid-week working day (Wednesday if you lost track) with a new post and rant on this spring’s massive trend: dressing in NUDES and beiges. … >> Read more

Green With Envy, Are You?!

If you think I’m slightly losing it with these posts on one-colour outfits, you’re right. I think I am. But I don’t really see a problem here, quite the opposite actually. I literally feel as if I just feel into a bucket of sartorial fashion with all these ideas I now have on dressing monochromatic in shades of whatever colour the mood strikes one day. Expect A LOT of drama, randomness, and mood swinging based on colour, from my part. So, no bitching y’all.… >> Read more

5 Fashion Must-Haves For MEN Wanting To Relive The 1940s

When watching motion pictures from the 1930s and 1940s, it always appeared that everyone, whether it was the starring cast or extras, were always well-dressed. The women were regularly wearing dresses or skirts, while the men were usually sporting suits. All of this at home, too! James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and Edward G. Robinson were just some of the actors that defined this generation. In nearly every film, they were always dressed very well. However, for the fashion of this forgotten time, it was the little things that contributed to the wardrobe.… >> Read more

‘True BLUE, Baby I Love You!’

If there’s one thing this spring is doing to me is it’s literally making me quite nostalgic over God knows what, and really pushing me towards my sensitive self and deeper side, which, aside from having me day-dream with my head in the clouds and bumping into trees on my way to somewhere, is quite great. So even the most basic spring look has me going miles, and miles, and miles, and miles overboard with moods and thoughts that have or have no common ground to the look per se.… >> Read more

Is GRANNY HAIR Really The #1 Hair Trend Right Now?

No, I did not just hit my head, nor am I writing this drunk. I’ve actually never been more serious, and sober for that matter. GREY HAIR is a thing these days, and GRANNY GLAM just became a massive hair trend in 2015. Whaaaaaaaaa?! Are we loving it ladies? Yes, we are. Why? First of all cause it looks fabulous and second of all, for everything it actually stands for. For decades fashion has been throwing beauty stereotypes our way all centred around the idea of youth, as if being young is a choice and there are tons of immortals and beautiful vampires out there to whose looks we’re all dying to aspire.… >> Read more


Somewhere between our hectic days and relaxing evenings, between fashion crushes and can’t be bothered moods, there are so many things left undone and unsaid it’s a pity. And if you, like me, are a bit of a procrastinator with a case of ADD then you’re practically fucked. An idea you might have today, a thought that lingers too long in your mind, if not shared, becomes wasted. Until it’s too late. But sometimes… when it comes back to you repeatedly you know you gotta say something about it.… >> Read more

Easter Sunday Look: FLORAL DRESSES

Bunny this, bunny that, Easter eggs, overdose on chocolates and bright colors, flowers, happy faces, and birdies singing to our happy moods. If I didn’t know any better I’d say I just landed in my unicorn and rainbows world. But I didn’t. It’s ‘only’ that amazing time of year again: EASTER holidays y’all.  Which – for those with a penchant for fashion (and chocolate) – only means OUTFITS! *background happy music right now* For me it’s always when it’s Easter Sunday that I really feel like spring ain’t going nowhere and we can officially splurge on spring outfits, floral prints, bare legs, cute shoes, spring jackets… But what does one sartorial lover wear on Easter Sunday?… >> Read more

Off To The ARMY Ladies!

Hey, you know what they say – a bit of restraint and discipline never hurt nobody. Could this be the reason behind the army trend? Does fashion really what us poised and powerful? Intimidating. Should we all channel our inner Cookie Lyon and tell it like it is, stand up, own it, inspire and be inspired, and never let nobody put us down? I hope so. But, as BFFs as I am with fashion, it ain’t that. I think this bitch (le fashion that is) is in it for the glam, cause the army trend these days is having a very glamorous polished moment.… >> Read more

Why Loungewear Is Chic Street Style This Spring?

If today you left home for work in your pyjama or loungewear, just know this: it’s OK. Fashion’s got your back. But of course you didn’t. What I’m basically saying is that you could. And if you do… you got swag, according to 2015 spring. Whaaaaaa?! YAS. Anything we wear home – from soft track pants to silk long fluid ones paired with camisoles, robes, stay-in-bed-all-day-kimonos, pyjamas – is, right now, good to go straight to the streets. Okay, so loungewear as day-wear is the new fashion gimmick, but seriously how many of us can show up for work in a luxe bathrobe like Khloe’s?… >> Read more

Bejewelled Heads!

”Hey you! ‘Sup? By the way, you know you got something on your head, right?” asked the ignoramus in socks, sandals and ‘Jennifer-get-in-the-car-pants’. (read those khaki crop pants, or long shorts that every sane woman hates and every man with a shouting voice seems to love. Note: I am probably losing some friends right now.) ”Hey.” I replied with a look that would kill an army. ”Nooo. I didn’t know. OH MY GOD. I will forever be grateful to you for pointing out the party in my hair, cause you know, I’m just unconsciously and randomly adding stuff on my head and going around town like this without even realising it.” (switch tone) Of course I know I have stuff on my head.… >> Read more

7 SKIRTS Styles To Wear This Spring

Sun’s shining. Birds are dropping hits. Streets look like day-clubs and ice-cream parties from a futuristic 60s meets 70s film scene. When the wind is blowing it smells like Chanel No.5. And when us girls hit the streets it’s a fucking Vogue edition of fab clothes on fab 6 ft tall silhouettes. No. No. I’m not crazy. It’s spring ladies, and I swear to God it feels like it hasn’t been spring for 10 years. First week of spring always looks like the circus is out on a loose.… >> Read more

’70s Fashion: 10 Things You Need This Spring To Get The ’70s Look

No. Not a hot man to constantly make out with. Although that wouldn’t hurt. If you think I’m losing it over this 70s fashion craze, you’re right. I am. The world is too, and I ain’t one to sit aside and let things roll by. Not this time at least. Sometimes sitting a few ones out (take this as you may) is much more rewarding than rushing in the middle of action. Perspective you know. Even in fashion. But not when it comes to this massive trend: the 70s LOOK.… >> Read more

Relaxed ‘N’ Chic – The LOOK Of 2015 Spring

You got that right. This spring, Relaxed & Chic is the new Rock & Roll. Tiny little prints, breezy fluid expensive fabrics, rich creamy colours, whites, electric blues, stripes and bugs. Think summer holiday sprayed with surfing trips, swimming, dining by the ocean, walking along the coast – ALL in beautiful chic effortless clothes. I’ll take it, thank you very much and see you in September. I mean a perfect summer holiday in fabulous clothes. It don’t get better than this.… >> Read more

Spring Pants Trend: The CULOTTES

Apparently for the last two seasons the hottest pants for spring and summer are the ugliest mother fuckers out there. Let’s take a moment and try to figure out how that makes us – the beautiful sartorial women out there – feel about CULOTTES.  I’m taking this serious, as should you, so… should we do lunch, talk it over, and get back with a clear ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in regards to culottes? Aaaaand I’m back. I can never do too well on my own, so… let’s have a grown up relationship about this.… >> Read more

7 JACKETS To Wear This Spring

Yes. It’s oficial. Spring is here, and that only means one thing: out with the chunky, thick, overly layered outfits centred around the idea of keeping warm, and IN with all the cool, flirty, breezy, colourful outfits worn for no other reason other than our love for fashion. Also, truth being told I get a little panicked at the thought of spring and summer cause of how fast this year is going by (old much?), and also… what the hell have I been doing so far?… >> Read more

SHOP: 4 Looks For Weekend Brunch

After a fun Friday night (aren’t they all?) and crazy, and relaxed, and all of the necessary ingredients (high five y’all), we, AGAIN, are faced with the same predicament. No. Not the hangovers. Jesus. Can a girl get a break here? Tsk, tsk, tsk. I’m talking FASHION. Actually casual chic style outfits to wear this weekend, in case, you know… you’re required to leave the bed and your favourite series. Weekends are not weekends sans the inherent brunches. So to save you off a few wasted good hours and unnecessary sartorial headaches, I thought to share with you my chic style clothes that crossed my mind this very morning.… >> Read more

Platinum Blonde Hair. Is It The New Hair Trend?

The fact that it’s even a question we ask ourselves in 2015, is enough of a sign that YES, platinum might just be the new hair thing this season. That, and also Kim Kardashian’s latest hair transformation. The girl just bleached her hair last week and went platinum blonde. If held the planet followed, I would’t be surprised. I wouldn’t though blame it all on Kim. Hello, Kanye. Anyway, leaving those two aside, I would very much dare say I myself had a lot to do with this new hair trend.… >> Read more

Major Spring Trend 2015: FRINGE

Can we dress 70s boho-chic but still look polished? Can we wear simple outfits but look sophisticated? Can we be TRENDY professional women, and not sit fads out when we’re behind boring desks? When you think about your day-to-day looks basically we’re all stuck in the same pile of crap: tops, skirts, pants, heels or flats and (still) coats. Bags or scarfs can add extra fashion-personality. Or jewellery can do that too. But it’s all been done before, and if not… getting outfit-creative at 7 a.m.… >> Read more

Fashion Picks Of The Week

FROM MORNING TO EVENING. OFFICE TO DATE-NIGHT. #minimalsophistication   Get the look here: 
Sweat shirt – STELLA McCARTNEY black shirt – River Island black shirt – Collar jacket – TIBI shorts – Nly Shoes leopard shoes – Kokon To Zai choker necklace – Vintage eyeglass –… >> Read more


Truth is hot men can wear whatever the hell they want, but they know they’re pretty much the only human beings out there who can pull off SUSPENDERS in the sexiest way possible. Okay now, my dearest boys, get off the celling, and onto earth, cause I was only joking. ALL men can wear suspenders. Cause all men and women are gorgeous in my book. (bet you didn’t see this one coming, but it’s true.) So they’d better put these old-school accessories on cause it’s one of the biggest trends out there at the moment.… >> Read more

Why BELTS Are The Best Accessory Ever?

You know how in life we tend to take the best things for granted? Well, it’s not any less different in fashion. There’s this one thing that glues our outfits together, that holds our pants on, our skirts high waisted, that gives more razzamatazz to our looks, that cinges our coats and jackets like we’re all freaking fashion editors. Everyone, say it with me: BELTS! The times when these pretty little accessories have been just a means of keeping our pants on, are long gone.… >> Read more

Matching Sets: The 70s Trend That Doesn’t Go Away

Or better yet… the 70s trend that’s on a roll and taking front stage in SS2015 more than ever. In case you don’t remember, no worries, I got your back. The matchy-matchy look had a quick comeback a while ago, but it feels like today it’s making up big time for not sticking the first time. Plus it’s more versatile now. And more ubiquitous. The moment you see Kim Kardashian in some not-so-mainsream trend, the look in question is bound to have a breakout all.… >> Read more

MEN: How To Wear Casual & Office SHIRTS This Spring?

What better way to start off a week, than by playing stylists for the men in our lives. Can I get an Amen? And by the way, the ‘&’ in the title is not unintentional, quite the opposite actually, because I feel like some men out there need to make a very clear distinction between OFFICE shirts AND CASUAL ones. Not that wearing one or the other, any and everywhere is wrong. Not at all. Like I said, it’s about style and swag, and rules are meant to be bend every now and then.… >> Read more

2015 Oscars: MEN On The Red Carpet

When last week I had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing L.A. based celebrity groomer and makeup artist – Lauren Kaye Cohen – about red carpet beauty looks, grooming and styling for MEN – I had an epiphany: why don’t we talk about men on the red carpet as much as we talk about women? Remember that time when Cate Blanchet, when asked to spin and twirl, and flip and flop, asked Ryan Seacrest ‘I’m just curious, do you do this to the men as well?’ The level of red carpets talk has gone ballistic, and we’re all to blame, but that’s a different talk.… >> Read more

2015 OSCARS: Best & Worst Dressed

If the whole red carpet thing had been about nailing best and worst both in one look, a few of the actresses would have been in big trouble, I tell you. Not Marion Cotillard though. She did what I never thought could be done. She wore a dress so incredibly beautiful through its elegance and simplicity that I instantly said, right then and there, the very night of the Oscars 2015, ‘Dayum, she’s my favourite. Amen bitches!’ But then she turned.… >> Read more

Trends Spotted At NYFW For 2015 Fall

After all this time, I still don’t know whether or not Fashion Month is the best or the worst of time in a fashion-person’s life. Of course it’s the best… but it’s also unbelievably hectic. Imagine the traveling to 4 fashion capitals in just one month, and attending so many shows, you lose count off, each show lasting up to 20 minutes, and then rushing over to God knows which borough to attend the next. All this… done in supposedly amazing clothes, yes, but also in freezing temps, in towns which you’re not too familiar with… only so that at the end of the day you gotta get your ass to your room and write, instagram, tweet… and so on.… >> Read more

Is There A ‘Dressing Code’ For Fashion Week Street Style?

When 4 out of 5 street style photos depict over the top outfits and extravagant sartorial choices you kinda get to thinking that yes, the key to dressing for fashion week lies in fashion-dementia. You know, looking fantastic to the fashion lot and ridiculous to everyone else. But who gives a shit about everyone else when you  know that jacket from Cuckoo’s Land will be your ticket to a snapshot in some fashion blog. Right? Hmm. Does everyone at fashion week dress for the hunt of those 15 minutes of fame? … >> Read more

TREND Alert: The ’70s FLARED Jeans Are Back

Bare dirty feet dancing on dusty grass, rings on all fingers, long hair to your butt, feeling high on freedom and happiness while Janis Joplin is singing her heart out and making you cry over some lost love. Flowers in your hair, and the smell of summer and music bared deep inside everyone around, yourself included. Sounds like Woodstock, only it’s not. It’s just my Monday mood right now. How beautifully decadent and wild, right? I try, you know. There’s something so incredibly liberating and raw about the 70s that I confess I find this decade and its return in fashion for 2015 SS incredibly irresistible in that very sexy and particularly wild sort of way.… >> Read more

2015 Grammys Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

This little annoying voice in my head keeps telling me: ‘‘Hey missy, ain’t you a little late on this event right here?” To which I reply with my motto these days: bitch please. Ef you. Having to deal with all the drama to which I am naturally prone to, and the pile of errands and meetings to attend these days, has inevitably led to this sad event of me not covering the Grammys sooner. BUT, good things do come to those who wait.… >> Read more

Why Wearing Glasses Is So Great?

… to quote Nicole Richie on this one: ‘Cause you look smarter.’ Doh. ‘Look’ being the key word here. I said it before and I’ll say it again – eyewear is so on trend these past years, as if it’s trying to make up big time for all those years it was a complete geek-ish attire, sans le chic. It’s such a trendy accessory these days that you don’t even have to be blind as a bat to wear them. Yes, people with perfect vision have been known to wear glasses solely for the sartorial purpose.… >> Read more

Why Knits & Silk Is The Best Combo This Season?

Every now and then I am insanely crushing over something. If it ain’t a song, it’s a place. If it ain’t a place, it’s a mood. If it ain’t a mood it’s some newfound hobby. And don’t even get me started on films and #celebritycrushes. I mean it was only yesterday I was ranting like a confused neurotic teen over Jason Momoa‘s buns. Today we’re already married. Aside from my numerous such ongoing imaginary stories, I am ALWAYS in love with some look.… >> Read more

GIRLS. BOYS. Major Hairstyle TREND Alert: The HALF BUN

Another Monday, another week packed with new resolutions, tons of work, unbelievable work ethics and enthusiasm. Aha. Listen y’all, let’s just cut the crap and admit it: as much as we loved our jobs Mondays are the worst, if not for the post-weekend-trauma, then for all the bloody headaches that come with having to leave your bed (and all the activities involved with it. Sleeping!!! right.) I hate to break it down to you, but Mondays usually come with the mandatory chore of having to wear something decent to work (usually plain basic looks define Mondays, unless of course you’re literally nuts and decide to be all polished up on a freaking freezing winter Monday, in which case, I’m not talking to you.) After body-coverage is done (also referred to as fashion, on days other than Mondays) the worst part comes: THE HAIR.… >> Read more

The Perfect DITTO & RAEN Collab: BLUE Is The New Black!

When just a few weeks ago I read in Vogue that cobalt blue is the new black in 2015 spring/summer, and then just yesterday I found out that my absolute favourite designer sunglasses shop – DITTO – is teaming up with RAEN, a pioneer of modern and classic eyewear – for their new collection of cobalt eyewear, BAM! I knew this is going to be great. Yes, BLUE will be the new black in 2015, and guess what? That’s just perfect on all levels, just think about how great deep blue accessories look – sunglasses included.… >> Read more

The Asymmetric Ruched Skirt: Why Is Everyone STILL Obsessed With It?

I may not know much about… anything actually, but one thing I do know is that timing is crucial. In anything and everything we do. Be a little too late, or a little too early and you may just have blown your chance to something. Sartorially speaking being too late or too early on some trends or looks pretty much equals to signing your own style death sentence. If you care about that sort of shit you’re screwed. Knowing this, I’m still writing this post, cause I never learn God damn it.… >> Read more

Why Watches Are Still The #1 Accessory?

Looking back at my tres unfashionable early life I realise two things I’ve learned that are still true, standing the test of time. And THAT… in fashion is a big deal. 1) Watches, no matter how far we go technologically to the point of guessing time with our tiny little brains, will always be IN. A watch is still a coveted look and #1 accessory that just translates elegance and chicness. 2) Sometimes… the best gift you can give yourself is to invest in a long-lasting item.… >> Read more

2015 SAG Awards Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

Either I forgot to turn off my bitch mode, OR I’m clueless in regards to red carpet fashion, but I thought this year’s SAG awards had one of the worst dresses ever. No, not necessarily worse, just meh, and incredibly ill-fitted. Too much ruffles, too much asymmetric structure, too stiff fabrics, too ill-fitted, so no surprise those who actually looked decent landed on the best dressed list. I mean it wasn’t that hard in the first place. Yes, Kelly Osbourne was going on about how amazing this red carpet was, and how it nailed the glamour more than the globes and I was wondering then, am I watching the same red carpet show?… >> Read more

The Unbuttoned Trend: A New Way To Wear Your Shirts

Do you ever feel like you’ve missed out on a trend, so you refuse to just let it go. It came, it did its thing and then BAM! before you even acknowledged it, it was done. Well this one – THE UNBUTTONED SHIRT LOOK – I’m not gonna let it slip twice. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice… Heavage and cleavage through button-down-unbuttoned-shirts conquered the runways in last year’s summer season, alongside high slits and 70s inspired looks.… >> Read more

What’s Your Heel Style: Stilettos OR Block?

If, like myself, you’re more of the indecisive fashion type, then this post is not for you, as it’ll only make things worse. Shoes… we ALL love. All of us and all of them, regardless of style. But to pick one over the other, when your main sartorial & mental condition scream ambivalent is cruel. Plain and simple. Having a penchant for stressful situations, and left with a pending question after eavesdropping on a stilettos versus chunky heels convo – here I am, adding more insult to injury and taking victims down with me as I go.… >> Read more

Lumbersexuals: The Men Trend That Doesn’t Go Away

Okay ladies stop drooling so we can go on with this. First of all let’s get one thing straight and stop with the uhhhs and ahhhs of having discovered a new trend. Cause we didn’t. The LUMBERSEXUAL Man TREND has been around for over a year almost, ever since the beard became a universal craze. So why am I only now ranting about gorgeous men with well groomed beards, tats, and flannels? Cause I’m an idiot. And also because after writing so many posts on pretty much the same hipster look in men I feared redundancy, so I complied with only a few mentions of this lumbersexual fad here and there throughout my menswear posts.… >> Read more

What Happens When ‘Bambie’ Meets Furry Clutch?

Yes, go on and read that title again. No, I am not drunk. And no this is not a fairytale story. Before you go all wtf on me right now, let me tell you this: the encounter was fantastic. Not any less weird? Bambie – the half sibling of Bambie & Butler UK fashion brand – once had a major crush on all furry & leather things. Also a penchant for great fashion and brilliant designs. I mean, did you see their clutches?… >> Read more

2015 Golden Globes Red Carpet: Best & Worst Dressed

Let’s just say today was a PERFECT day. Just because I could’t wait to play God for yet another year, with the celebrities you know. On the red carpet. I know, who the hell died and made me fucking queen of style, but one can only hope, while being redundant, since every year I bitch about red carpets yet end up covering and actually enjoying them. There’s a bit of power (and ridiculousness) to all us bloggers and mortal writers loving or NOT loving incredibly expensive dresses on incredibly famous people.… >> Read more

There’s A New COOL Way To Carry Your Bag

Grabbing is the new carrying. Holding your expensive luxurious purse as if it’s some cheap lunch-bag is the new way to carry your bag. To look chic you know. And also fake the fact that you couldn’t care less about the brand and the outrageous price tag it holds. There seems to be an effortless refinement in this style-lifestyle-nonchalance. I will say though one thing… not a lot of people have it (thank God!) so faking it is the next best thing.… >> Read more

What Do You Think About Chokers?

2015-jewelry-trend-chokers (4)
Oooooooookay. Maybe it’s just me, but is its Majesty Fashion trying to insinuate two things? 1) If we’re not teenagers (or just grow-up-refusers) trends are like so not for us anymore. Doh. Seriously. Like. Hello. Chokers are soooo cool. Yeah. If you’re 15. OR… 2) Urging us to develop a penchant for all BDSM things. Not any less weird. When just the other day I was reading some article about new ways to wear your chokers I couldn’t help but wonder if there is an age limit to rocking these.… >> Read more

Are Plunging Necklines Still HOT & How To Do This Trend?

plunging-necklines-looks-streetstyle (13)
Errr, are we all gorgeous beautiful people? YAS! Hello. No need for rhetorical questions right now. I mean… if you’re gonna ask an obvious question expect an invasion of doh’s coming your way. Just saying. Please observe how I’m literally in a fight with myself, which in itself is nothing new, just another day of delusional behavior. Ah well… At least I’m not delusional when I’m stating the obvious right now: PLUNGING NECKLINES & LOW CUTS will always be HOT and TRENDY!… >> Read more

2015 Massive Trend Alert: SUEDE!

street-style-suede-looks (11)
The thing about suede is that it’s so much more than just a fabric, don’t you think? This plain ol’ borderline cowboy texture has the incredible ability to take us places and decades we’ll never go to (unless we time travel of course), while having the major fashion ability to be all at once. It blends with any outfit, making it look retro sophisticated, it stands on its own in head-to-toe understated glamour. Suede is a statement. But without the fuss.… >> Read more

9 TRENDS: What To Lose & What To Keep In 2015?

Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions, and then some more resolutions. And just in case you’re not quite done… take a sheet of paper, or new office doc and write some more resolutions. Oh, did I say resolutions are the new thing? Bloody hell. Might as well hit my head on my laptop’s screen now and just get it over with. Everywhere I look for the past few days it’s only about resolutions. We get it. You want a fresh new start. A better one.… >> Read more

Men: What To Wear To New Year’s Eve Party?

I’m either a workaholic with a fashion-obsession-tendency or I’ve missed home and work a little bit too much, but frankly I couldn’t wait to get back to my writing. Another thing I did this past week was spend A LOT of time thinking about New Year’s Eve party outfits. The outcome? More ideas without any actual picked outfit yet, AND one more question to wonder about: DO MEN GO THROUGH THE SAME FASHION OUTFITS ORDEAL FOR NYE PARTY? And if so… why shouldn’t we be the ones to give ’em a hand you know.… >> Read more

Christmas & NYE Party Looks Inspo: Sequins, Dresses, Fancy Tops…

If you’re living in a chaos of outfit options, or a pile of don’t knows about wear to this year’s Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, just know this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. So stick your head out of that massive load of clothes you’ve been buried under since… well forever, take a deep breath, and let fashion inspo do its magic on you. For the record, I feel your pain as I’m writing this from underneath my pile of a mess and outfits with nothing to wear.… >> Read more

Wearing Crop Sweaters In Winter: YES Or NO?

I was about to scream NO right now and point to the obvious: hello! freezing degrees don’t go well with bare midriffs and backs. But then I stopped. You see… lately I’ve been getting quite a few appalled looks on how thin I dress compared to the blizzard out there. Thing is… there is no blizzard out there, so in my book I’m normal like that (layering less than other people). But when 4 out of 5 people say you’re drunk, contrary to your own beliefs (example, so humor me for one second), you might consider taking a nap.… >> Read more

Tucked In Hair OR How To Look French?

Apparently looking French chic is the #1 obsession everyone in fashion has right now. We all want to look French and do French things. Talk like the French. Walk like the French. Romance like the French. Eat & drink like the French. Kiss like the French. Oh and of course dress like the French. But here’s where it all gets tricky, cause when it comes to French style it’s less about what you wear and more about HOW you wear it.… >> Read more

Hottest 4 Coat Styles For MEN In 2015 Winter

As of recently every weekend seems to come with tons of material for me to write about the following week. And this weekend was no exception. Hell it was even better as I got menswear-topic-requests from none other than men. Ha. What do you say, what do you know? Our boys really do give a shit about what they buy and wear. Or maybe… such as my brother so bravely admitted, have no idea what to buy, hence the plea for a woman’s style guidance.… >> Read more

2015 Trend Alert: SUITS

Err, no, not the TV series ‘Suits’ with the eye candy men. (damn it!) Today we talk girls in suits, and how somehow the pant-suit is having a major comeback these days courtesy of all these A-listers showing up at red carpet events in 70s inspired suits with high waisted wide legged pants and broad shoulders blazers, or in black tuxedos and nothing else underneath. Cause the shirt worn with a pantsuit is so overrated. Two years ago it was the deux-pieces or the printed suits so reminiscent of the 50s and 60s.… >> Read more

Haircolors Talk & Trends: Blonde vs Brunette vs Red

haircolor-trend-brunette (2)
Let’s set the record straight first: there is no such thing as the ultimate hair color, nor the best, nor the ‘one’ everyone should do, and personally I support hair experimenting more than anybody. Hell I’ve gone from super blonde to jet black, to red, and even green back in highschool. For me, as a girl who loves long hair (or is afraid to chop it off), experimenting with hair color is actually the furthest I go.   It’s the easiest way to have fun with looks.… >> Read more

The Only Fur Coat You Need This Winter!

Maybe I’ve watched too much SATC lately, or maybe it’s those Woody Allen films I keep going back to that keep me stuck in the 70s, but I literally became obsessed with ONE particular coat style for 2015 winter: the VINTAGE FUR COAT. And according to Vouge IT IS the latest fad in town right now. Well, well, well… I wasn’t that far off then. Comes to show you, in fashion you gotta stick to your gut and do yourself and your own moods.… >> Read more

What To Wear & Pack On Your Skiing Winter Holiday?

winter-holiday-looks (2)
The main reason behind this post was panic. Pure good ol’ panic I felt at the very thought of my winter holiday: 6 days at a skiing resort?!!! Excitement too of course, but mostly panic. 1) I do not ski, nor have any sporty love for the mountains or snow whatsoever. In fact I hate cold, but we’ll see what an open mind can do. 2) I’ve only been on such a winter getaway once and it totally sucked, hence my panic this time. … >> Read more

What’s Your Hat Style This Winter?

winter-hats-style-2015-beanies (3)
I wonder whether or not the ubiquity of a trend makes it less appealing to the fashion forward sartorial lot, OR are we (please notice my self-inclusion in the aforementioned category), upon this reality, forced to be more experimental & innovative style wise? I’d like to assume the latter, and bring to the table the simple example of this season’s greatest trend: HATS of all sorts. They. Are. Everywhere this season. From floppy, wide brimmed, and fedoras, all the way to beanies, veiled beanies, cat-ears beanies, fur hats, fur beanies, baseball caps (still) the little thingies covering our masterminds are fabulous to say the least.… >> Read more

How to Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake Pearls?

If your boyfriend’s just given you a set of gorgeous pearl earrings, you’re probably over the moon… and possibly wondering whether or not they’re real. Believe it or not, it’s not very difficult to tell a faux from an actual pearl. Read on for more about separating the high quality pearls from the fakes. What is a Fake Pearl? Faux pearls are any that are made unnaturally. Plastic, resin, and glass are all materials that are used to make pearls. Cultured pearls aren’t quite natural pearls but they’re not necessarily considered fake, either.… >> Read more

Popped Collars OR How To Look Instantly Cool?

popped-collar-look (6)
After spending hours on my Tumblr last week, on photos that put me in this 70s mood of Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg irresistible attraction, of Brigitte Bardot, of those great films, great fashions and times – it hit me. They all had one thing in common: a certain coolness, je ne sais quois effortlessness and more often than not it was given by their simple outfits mixed with their fabulous attitudes. And POPPED COLLARS. The fact that I’ve had to swallow my tongue one too many times has rarely stopped me from making big statements.… >> Read more

Fringe Boots: YES Or NO?

winter-trend-fringe-boots (12)
Give me a nice pair of shoes and I won’t say ‘No’. Give me a hot pair of sexy boots and it’s a whole different story that starts with a ‘Hell yeah’. That’s how it is with Fringe Boots. They just sum up the two best things in fashion: 1) Shoes. Doh, and 2) Trends, with fringe being huge in 2015 Spring/Summer. Okay, so fringe boots are not a new thing at all (70s hello!), nor is fringe as a trend actually.… >> Read more

Why Wearing Glasses Is The Best Thing Ever?

Unless you’ve spent the last 3 years or so on Mars or Jupiter, whichever you fancy most, you gotta know the latest fad in town: GLASSES. Everyone who’s anyone is wearing glasses. Men and women with or without a fashion penchant  are falling for these accessories which are gracing our beautiful faces and noses sometimes more for style reasons than for necessity. Okay maybe not so much, but as a short-sighted girl, who wears glasses all the time, except for when I wear sunglasses (then I use contacts), I am telling you the world has changed a lot lately.… >> Read more

The PLAID SKIRT And Its Many Faces

office-look-tartan-skirt (5)
The more I think about this PLAID and TARTAN TREND the more I’m inclined to say it’s not really a trend, but mostly a staple. Don’t you agree? Its lifetime is pretty long and frankly seems to not fade away, so here we are in 2015 (almost) still doing the plaid look as if it’s the freshest thing out there. Who’s to blame? Only fashion and its cyclic behavior. Perhaps the lack of groundbreaking ideas as well.   But if you can’t marry the past, you’re nobody in fashion.… >> Read more

Winter Trend Alert: Oversized SCARVES

oversized-scarf-winter-look (8)
Don’t know if you remember that blog rant in which I went on, and on, and on about this early autumn’s big trend – blankets. Well… not to brag about it or anything, but they stuck. More so, they actually turned into quite a trend – hence today’s topic on oversized scarves. Okay, an observer does not a trendsetter make, I know that much, but just let me wallow in this thought for a while. OK. Done. I’m good now. The blankets trend with the capes and ponchos were not just a natural course fashion took once the cold season was upon us, but I dare say it had a lot to do with those LV blankets handsome men and boys were covered in at some Fashion Week one or two seasons ago.… >> Read more

5 COAT Styles For This Winter

The ONLY good thing about the cold weather is the variety of clothes you can wear. The layering you can play with. The coziness of all the sweaters, the bundling up with all the scarves and gloves and hats and what not. One thing everyone in winter is wearing, whether for style reasons or just cause we’re human and we’re cold is THE COAT.   Ah… personally I spend hours online shopping for great coat styles, making wishlists over wishlists on websites I’m in love with, like CHOIES for example, and I confess I’m down with almost any coat style.… >> Read more

What Do You Really Think About The MOM JEANS Trend?

mom-jeans-outfits (8)
Honestly now. How the ugliest and most unflattering jeans in the history of mankind have crawled back into fashion in the midst of 2014 beats the hell out of me. Unless we’re Cindy Crawford, Linda Evanghelista and the rest of those 80’s & 90’s supermodels, we’re pretty much fucked by this trend, which is lasting for a little over a year now. The mom jeans do nothing for us: the high waist is waaaay to high (it might as well cover our boobs), the pyramid cut of these pants is ridiculous (unless you want to channel your fashion icon Jerry Seinfeld), the fit is terrible (not tight enough for skinny jeans, not loose enough for boyfriend styles), and don’t even get me started on the bloody crotch.… >> Read more

Shopping Tips & Sales For Black Friday

When it comes to shopping and buying more, and more, and more clothes to perfect our everyday looks and nail the coolest style and trend we’re crushing over a certain week – we’ll take any excuse to shop. And if there’s a SALE… ding! ding! ding! Ka-ching! I’ll take it, thank you very much. You know I’m a fan of CHOIES brand mainly because I love the clothes, and the tons of styles and looks they cover, so when I saw their massive Sale for Black Friday I just had to share.… >> Read more

To Bra OR Not To Bra?

What the fashion world is doing to us women right now, is basically making it impossible for us to not bra. Okay, forget everything you ever knew about bras and their utility and think of them as the new fashion trend. Hmm. Of course we’d have to assume then, for the sake of calling bras trendy, that people… other than just us and our signification others get to see these bras. And that we, as wearers flaunt them, for them to be seen?!… >> Read more

Nude Diamond & Why I Fell In Love

nude-diamond-jewelry-style (5)
That jewelry has super powers is no question. Un-debatable . And if you haven’t experienced them, it’s either because you haven’t worn jewelry or you haven’t found the one piece to steal your heart. I, on the other hand, a total extremist on both sides (minimal & over-the-top) found love in way too many pieces in my life, and keep doing so over and over and over again. Still… Marilyn didn’t say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend‘ for nothing, so of course the moment I laid my eyes and hands on Nude Diamond pieces I was literally swept off my feet.… >> Read more

The Perks Of Wearing Hair Extensions

natural-hair-extensions-Uniwigs (2)
When it comes to fashion, style & beauty, one thing I’ve learned is to never say never. Up to last week my relationship with hair extensions was none. Complete strangers, BUT my wish for super long hair has been with me since ever, with the inherent irony that as much as I love long hair, I’ve never had it as long as I would have wanted it. Think Azealia Banks style. Why? Well, I’m inconsistent, I get bored, I get excited about haircuts, so I cut it so many times on a spur of a moment, only to later regret it.… >> Read more

Are All Men Growing Their Hair To Get Some… BUNS?

Seems like lately the world evolves around one thing and one thing only: BUNS. If not in the form of booty, well then… as of lately in the form of MEN BUNS. Top knots. Muns. Hair! You get it? The world has been saved as a new men’s hairstyle is making the rounds and sucking up all the fashion and glory out there. Amen to that. We can now finally go on with our lives. Although to be honest I would have preferred the buns in discussion to be more on the side of boys and their toys.… >> Read more

The PENCIL Skirt & Why All Women Love It?

pencil-skirts-style (2)
There are trends. And then there are timeless styles. No matter the fads in town the latter will always have our hearts. Such is the case of the one skirt style that flatters every woman, that’s great for office as well as parties, or more formal gatherings. The PENCIL SKIRT. With autumn here hems and lengths are a bit longer, and we ditch the relaxed silhouettes of summer for more polished, structured and sophisticated cuts and style. For working women pencil skirts are the #1 office style staple.… >> Read more

How To Wear Body Chains All Year Round?

Or maybe I should’ve asked ‘WHY?’? When it comes to body chains – the #1 body jewelry trend for summer – I think there are three types of ladies. 1) Hate body chains altogether. 2) Love them and wear them. 3) Like them, but are skeptical about wearing one. Wearing body chains in summer makes a lot of sense, cause you can show them off either in your bathing suit or more revealing outfits: bare back tops, low cut blouses, crop tops, bustiers etc.… >> Read more

Major Autumn Trend For Girls & Boys: TURTLENECKS

Every year I say the same thing once autumn settles in: ‘never before have sweaters been so IN.’ Difference is, this year it’s actually true (Ha!). How so? Imagine all the sweaters styles in history, imagine all the hip designs that were once cool, imagine those granny chic cuts, those 90s crop ones, last year’s chunky and oversized styles. Now imagine you can wear any and look fab. Well, that’s what today’s sweater fashion is all about. With an extra adage to the whole lot.… >> Read more

Sweet November Style

When it comes to having a sweet sartorial November you basically need two things: a warm autumn sun (checked) and your massive fashion obsession that moment (checked). Being quite a predictable gal, the latter is not that hard to guess in my case. Er… FAUX FUR! So here I am, again, standing in front of you all with my new style crush, which again involves the aforementioned 2014-2015 trend: this Two Tone Shaggy Faux Fur Coat from CHOIES. They’ve been so kind to gift me with it and with the fabulous Black Crochet Lace Short Sleeve Mesh T-shirt, which I’m practically in love with.… >> Read more

How To Make Casual Tops Look More Expensive?

When it comes to fashion ONE thing will always remain true: It’s not what you wear, it’s HOW you wear it! And in fact a lot in fashion today has to do with having great taste and personal style. The rise of the effortlessly cool outfits, the urban glam, sporty-luxe looks are all results of the new style mesh that’s going on right now. The old with the new, the posh with the casual, the retail with the high end. They’re all coexisting, married in perfect harmony on the backs of the coolest and most savvy sartorials out there. … >> Read more

The WHITE Coat: YES Or NO?

white-coats-style (6)
”I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… “ Yeah, yeah, that’s great and all, we all wish a white Christmas, BUT what we really should be focusing on until Christmas is a certain sartorial choice, that just goes hand in hand with a white Christmas. A WHITE Coat. We’ve already established that pretty much everything is hot and hip these days, but each season there is one item that stands out. And this season belongs to wrap coats with the star being… (drumrolls please) the WHITE coat.… >> Read more

The Oversized BLAZER: Is There A Right Way To Wear It?

boyfriend-blazer-style-trend (6)
Apparently everything these days is about size. The bigger the better. Question mark. When it comes to fashion it seems more yes than no, with women’s looks borrowing pretty much all they can from menswear, with slouchy oversized silhouettes, 80s cuts and big bold frumpy coats, jackets and blazers. Blame it on the cycle of fashion, on women’s full plate with constantly being too polished or dressing too fitted, whatever the reason, the outcome is great. And while there’s nothing new and groundbreaking about a blazer, be it fitted, oversized, slouchy, or structured, talking about the blazer look and wearing one is still considered a trendy thing.… >> Read more

2015 Hair Trends: What’s Hot & What’s Not?

Today we’re talking about the hottest 2015 hair trends this fall is bringing us when it comes to hair colours. I’m plucking the latest hair styles and colors, straight from the runways and red carpets so that you can all look like stars in the season ahead. Best shades for this fall Freshly out of hair color ideas for this season? No problem, we’ll get that inspiration going, whether you’re into an all-over dye, subtle highlights or simply ombre. We’ll cover everything, from glossy chocolate brown Jourdan Dunn is currently flaunting, to chic honey highlights, property of Alexa Chung. … >> Read more

What If Everyone Had Access To OUTDOOR Advertising?

Before you go all ‘Who needs outdoor advertising when we’ve got social media’ on me right now (which is not far from the truth actually), think about one major thing Location, Location, Location. What if any of us could put our blogs’ logo, name and pics on a bus, like any Hollywood figure with a talk show or any film does for advertising? What if we could afford it? When 2 weeks ago I was contacted by a Los Angles company called ZEUSVISION about this form of advertising and sharing it with you, my readers, I must say I too was a tad skeptical.… >> Read more

4 Easy To Do HALLOWEEN Costumes

halloween-costume-ideas-lace-mask (4)
Well if it isn’t the time of the freak show again. And I’m loving every minute of it. Actually I’ve rarely donned a Halloween costume per se, but more like allowed myself to go over the top with some creepy or way too sexy items that I’d never wear otherwise: heavy costume style makeup, black lips, vampire fangs, long creepy nails (well in my case, it don’t have to be Halloween for that), cat ears, face masks, wigs et all. In other words easy peasy gimmicks you can do for Halloween if you’re 3 things: lazy (but still don’t wanna miss on the celebration), financially responsible (so you don’t want to over-spend) and 3) you still wanna look hot in that creepy cute sort of way. … >> Read more

2014 Fall Trend: FEATHERS!

feathers-trend-street-style (9)
If you didn’t know that birds of a feather, er… dress together, well now you do. The saying (sans les feathers) is so true for me and my birdy friends it’s scary. We go shopping together and more often than not end up buying the same clothes, each of us refusing to make a compromise will lie to herself that we’ll be careful as to not wear them at the same time when we’re together. We never do. That is, we never plan in advance to avoid the copycat sartorial predicament, so we do sometimes end up looking like slightly schitzy overly fashioned sisters.… >> Read more

Is It Really OK To Wear LEGGINGS As Pants?

leggings-styles (4)
If you’re gonna ask our male beloved friends, you’ll probably get a ‘Hell yeah!’ answer before you finish your question. I did. Just asked my husband. But since dressing and looking good or bad for them is NOT something we live for, nor strive to achieve… let’s leave the leggings as pants fantasy for them right where it’s at. In their fantasy world. Or it is too late? Have leggings become the new pants out there? Er… NO. Leggings are not pants, and if you’re wearing them as such, you’re pretty much asking for it, as somebody put it.… >> Read more

Wrist Candy: Why Everyone Should Wear WATCHES?

watches-trends-styles (12)
Let’s dodge the ‘doh’ with its inherent eye-roll for this one and genuinely admit to why we’re all loving a posh watch adoring our wrist. Some of us are obsessed with being on time. Everywhere. All. The. Time. Others love to be fashionably late, which is an excuse really for not being able to be on time, BUT can, at times, be acceptable if the ‘late’ part is fashionable. Read not TOO late. Or late for a good reason: er, getting all dressed up and fancy. … >> Read more

What Dresses To Wear In Autumn?

No matter how cold or hot it is, DRESSES are always a great idea. Easy to style, to dress up or down, to layer with great jackets in the cold season, to jazz them up with fabulous shoes, or make them casual and chic with comfortable soles. When it comes to dresses all is possible in terms of looks and outfits. I also happen to think a lot of the dresses we used to wear in summer can work in the cold season, especially autumn.… >> Read more

8 SWEATERS Styles To Wear This Fall

chunky-sweaters-street-style (3)
Something about autumn and how we dress makes this season, and us with it, look like a scene from our favorite film. Leaves on the ground, trees going to sleep, sun & rain altogether, windy cool weather, crispy mornings, heads tucked in collars, hands fidgeting in pockets, sipping hot drinks in bohemian artsy or posh bars, hot coffees to go on rushed cold mornings, and us starring in all these scenes, almost always wearing SWEATERS!  Whether trendy or not sweaters were always fall’s #1 staple. … >> Read more

Why We All Still ‘Love Sex & The City’?

sex-and-the-city-fashion (5)
Beyond the exquisite fashion awareness and love this show started, it stood and still stands for so much more: women’s status on all levels, sex, relationships, love, marriage, kids, freedom to be and act however the hell we please, mistakes, memories, friendships, breakups, shared moments, winning some, losing some. It all happened in the beautiful lives of these 4 women in NY, and in ours. All in fabulous outfits, amazing fashion moments, looks we copied and emulated over and over again. … >> Read more

Septum Rings: YES Or NO?

The thing about me is I’m never one to shy away from anything. Disliking a trend par example has never stopped me from giving it a try, just cause I wanna know, on my own skin, in my own terms, what the fucking fuss is all about. It usually happens that after the road testing I’m converted to wearing it more than I’d like t admit. Or not. Depends. Still… when it comes to body mod, the trigger to doing it has got to be something more than the trend worthiness of it all.… >> Read more

How To Wear SHORTS In Autumn & Winter?

autumn-trend-denim-cutoffs-tights (11)
Or maybe I should have asked ‘How to look like off-duty models in the cold season?’ Cause it seems to me these girls have their well picked uniforms and fabulous effortless styles for all seasons, and in autumn and winter they’re all seen in their cut-off denims or leather shorts with chunky sweaters, leather jackets or coats, and biker or over-the-knee boots. And sometimes, when it’s freezing they’ll sport black sheer or opaque tights. Amazing, if you ask me. The SHORTS-in-the-cold-season look has definitely translated into a trend for the past couple of years, courtesy of these models and us as well.… >> Read more

2014 Autumn Trend: LONG Cardigans

long-cardigan-street-style (14)
Two weeks ago I was chatting over drinks with a friend of mine, basically bitching about how there is no more NEW in terms of trends for this cold season. Little did I know. I, again, had spoken too soon. It was right after that, that I took a stroll around the shops to see what’s hot and not out there. This weekend, on a gift-shopping-trip I noticed how retail is packed with LONG CARDIGANS for 2014 fall. Ta-daaaa! This hot look is nothing more than an extension of the KNIT trend, sweaters, and boho-chic styles that were, are, and will always be IN for autumn.… >> Read more

Autumn Look: Fur Vest & Sequins Sweater

Well, well, well… what do you say, what do you know. Turns out I wasn’t that fashion unstable after all. When last week, I was picking your brains for faux fur vests outfits, I did have a fashion-crush-look which involved an all-black outfit AND stiletto sandals. By Saturday, 2 days later mind you, I stuck to my initial crush and done the look. In case you’re wondering whether or not I felt comfortable rocking a rather posh-evening-party-cocktail style in mid day, in full makeup face, fur vest, red lips, and stilettos… well… I was, for 2 reasons.… >> Read more

Is GREY The New Black This Fall?

fall-trend-2014-grey (18)
Nooooooooooooooo! (read it in a desperate, very desperate scream) although, to be honest no matter what the fashion gurus say, I’m sticking to my guns on this one, as I will probably be alone in my love for the dark color, clinging desperately to all black outfits, while everyone else is doing 50 shades of Grey. Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Well, at least I didn’t use the book reference in the title. Just the other day I was reading in Vogue, how GREY is a massive trend for 2014-2015 cold season, so I thought why not talk about this.… >> Read more

How Would You Wear A Fur Vest?

fur-vests-autumn-street-style (25)
If until recently my addiction was limited to rings, leather and black anything, I confess I’ve added one more item to the infamous list: FUR anything. Well… faux fur to be more specific and for 2014 fall FUR VESTS to be even more accurate. Although, who am I kidding here, give me a fur costume and I’ll probably end up living in it as well. So I’m extending this addiction to fur bags (massive trend alert for this season), fur collars, fur hats and of course fur coats.… >> Read more

2014 Fall Trend Alert: The WRAP COAT

wrap-coats-looks (9)
You know that feeling you have when you’re left out on something? As if you’ve been living obliviously happy in your own, apparently not-so-up-to-date- reality, while a whole lot of stuff has been happening around you. Well, thanks for the heads up you know. My dear Fashion friend. As I’ve tried, and tried, and tried, and then tried some more to find out what’s HOT out there in terms of trends for 2014 fall – other than the ones already being in rotation for the past 2 years – turns out the elephant in the room was staring right at me.… >> Read more

Sleeping With Fashion

fashion-blogging-bedroom-styles (2)
If you think bedrooms and fashion have nothing in common, well… you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact they go hand in hand, especially for fashion bloggers, artists, writers, jobs that give us the luxury to work from home on a few weekdays. It’s on those days that your home is your oasis, office, and inspiration haven, so making your little corner of lounging & working puuuuurfect is essential. Besides, having your coffee in bed while reading the morning news, doing your Social Media or Instagraming is the lazy girl’s guide to starting your day, as well as (let’s tell it like it is) quite a fashion/media trend.… >> Read more

The Overlined BOLD Lips Obsession

bold-dark-lips-makeup-trend (8)
It’s been two weeks since I’ve been dancing around this post and whether or not to do it, for two reasons: 1) I’ve already done so many lip posts here, here, and here, and 2) the world wide web is now packed with ‘How to get Kylie Jenner’s lips?’. But since being redundant and slightly monkey-see-money-do has never stopped me from anything, I figured why the hell not join on this over-penciled BOLD LIPS obsession and 2014 fall trend.  So here I am. … >> Read more

Fall 2014 Trend: The SWEATER Dress

fall-trends-sweater-dress (4)
Knits. Knits. Knits. The trend was all over the runway for 2014 fall. Groundbreaking right? Well certainly not, but very comforting to know that what us mortals have been wearing for centuries in autumn is in fact this season’s trend. Of course sweaters of all sorts have made the look each year, but head to toe knits? Or layered knitted tops & cardigans?! Err, somebody call grandma, tell her she’s been robbed of her Sunday fashion attire. Pardon my sarcasm here, but who can honestly say head to toe knits work on a daily basis, on people interacting with other people, out there in the world?… >> Read more

How To Wear LEATHER PANTS Anywhere?

Micah Gianneli_Jesse Maricic photographer_Controle Creatif_Micah
The redundancy of some trends may be annoying at some point, but then there are those trends we can never get enough of. No matter how much we keep on doing them. Over and over and over again, and still not enough you know. Such is the case of the Leather Pants Trend. In fact, long gone are the days when this trouser style was a bikers-only and rock-chick staple. Today, not only we’ve made it sporty-rock-office-casual-evening appropriate but also any season, any age, any style, any look appropriate.… >> Read more

The JACKETS Battle: Denim VS Leather

street-style-summer-denim-jackets (6)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Autumn’s here, and were it not for all the websites and online mags preaching the arrival of fall with its sweater weather and ankle boots, I swear I would have still been in my bikinis oblivious of the rain and cooler temperatures. Right. So, since living in another season is not optional I too have decided to join in on the world wide web and, drumrolls please… talk about autumn and its looks, and fads, and trends and whatnot.… >> Read more

Office Looks: Black Trousers Don’t Have To Be Boring

street-style-black-pants-office-style (9)
It’s 8.45 am.  You’re running late to work. You’re still home. You start panicking. Buried under a pile of clothes, butt naked, without the slightest idea as to what to wear to work today. Sound familiar? What to do? What to wear? Shit. Shit. Shit. In a complete mental distress you end up picking the same pair of trousers as you did on Monday, and off you go. Usually it’s a pair of BLACK TROUSERS. You know, putting together outfits for work (if you’re into that) is much like going to the gym.… >> Read more

What A Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs

Oh, not too much, but what it is, better be real, you know. Let’s not get all feisty and life preaching here though. Not the time. Not the place. Not the mood, and frankly not the point. Well maybe a little bit sometimes. And since no question mark is pending on us let’s talk fashion, the obvious point of le conversation today. When it comes to fashion assuming girls want it all, and need it all is a pretty fair assumption.… >> Read more

How To Get The Textured Hair Look?

textured-hairstyle-menkoi-matte-wax (5)
You know the one, right? It’s the signature hairstyle of Kate Moss or Sienna Miller, half combed half tousled, but all the way effortless and sexy in that bed-hair kinda style. So how can you get this hair, without doing the bed-hair-thing, but actually washing it fresh & styling it in less than 20 minutes? No hair teasing required. Easy peasy. I’ve used MeNKOI products for both hair care as well as styling, and I… am ecstatic for finally nailing the textured hair thing without dehydrating my hair (no dry shampoo, no teasing) and making it look 100 years old.… >> Read more

Girls, How About We Live In Our DENIM Shirts?

denim-shirt-styles-autumn-looks (3)
Whenever I’ve got a blogger’s block I usually just choose the easy way out, and think about what my friends and I are always, always, like all the time, wearing. Both us girls, as well the the hot men by our sides. Er you’re welcome boys. And this morning it hit me: THE DENIM SHIRT. You’d think we were all auditioning for some cowboy part in a western flick every Friday or Saturday night, riding our horses to clubs, ‘sipping whiskey out the bottle not thinking bout tomorrow’, and spitting tobacco for intimidation, you know. … >> Read more

Goodbye Pants, Hello Thigh High BOOTS!?

how-to-wear-thigh-high-boots-2014-autumn (3)
‘Hi there, nice to meet you.’ said the Thigh High Boots. ‘Hi, but oh, we’ve met before,‘ I said. ‘Only like around this time each year for the past 3 years or so. It’s fine though. Maybe your Alzheimer or just plain rudeness are clear signs we should definitely change our relationship. Like spice it up, you know.’ ‘You mean make it more about me, and less about the others? In fact, this autumn I want it to be all about me.… >> Read more

How To Get THAT ’70’s Look This Fall?

70s-fashion-2014-inspiration (3)
What if… for one month, we could live in a movie scene of our own choice? Or even an era. A favorite moment snapshot in time. Dress, act, eat, drink, and mingle with the characters & real people of those scenes and times. Where would you go to? Is that Bianca Jagger lusciously hanging by Andy Warhol‘s neck, in her V-plunging high slit sequined dress and fur coat? Cigarette in one hand, smoke blowing out over half dozed black eyelashes, flirtatiously laughing at his non-existent jokes cause why the hell not.… >> Read more

Is The Denim Skirt Really Passe?

Have you ever said something out loud with such conviction, that in the aftermath of the ‘brilliant’ affirmation, the people around you, and you included, had that wtf-should-I-laugh-now-or-act-surprised-or-just-ignore look on their faces? That’s the moment when you wish you’d just kept your mouth shut. NO. I’m not gonna go all therapy on you right now. The issue in discussion is none other than the trend-worthiness of the DENIM SKIRT. No life and death drama. Just fashion talk. And so the story goes: last Saturday before going out for a drink, from my friend’s place where us girls met earlier for other drinks (okay and dinner too), my friend Julie wanted to borrow a pair of shorts or a skirt from our other friend, who, in a very genuine and now-I-realize-quite-well-deserved excitement, offered her a short denim skirt.… >> Read more

So BLANKETS Are The New Street Style Thing?

In the short 2 weeks time I’ve been away living a bohemian gypsy lifestyle, barefooted & careless, apparently the posh ladies over in the big cities decided to transition to fall with one massive piece to keep them warm: the blanket. Or maybe they’re/we’re just too hung up on the laziness and coziness of our beds every single morning, so we instead decided to take it all with us. After all, not too long go pajamas were a thing. For daytime.… >> Read more

The Many Ways To Wear A ROMPER!

There are those trends you just hate. Those that are meh. Those you just wanna sit out. And those everyone loves, that come natural. These last ones are the best. And the ROMPER is definitely one of 2014 summer’s massive hit not in a ‘wtf’-kinda-way, but in a very doh, it’s so cute and summer’ish of course it’s the LOOK of the hot season kinda way. The only bad thing about the jumpsuit’s little sister – the romper – is that it only works for the hot season, so with August still here, and praying September will be more like summer than autumn, why don’t we use the shit out of the romper while we can.… >> Read more

Round And Round And Round We Go, Baby!

This is not a dance (although we could make it), nor a talk on the complicated circles of life in general, with its mundane rat races. No. This is a very laid back and fun chat about ROUND SUNGLASSES! Why? Well… first of all cause I’m on holiday and beach attire is mainly the only thing on my mind, and second because I just figured we’d better talk shades, since they’re the #1 all-year-round-accessory, and get to the bottom of why round sunglasses are so coveted right now.… >> Read more

The ’90’s BANDANAS: Should We Bring Them Back To 2014?

Who could possibly forget those black, white, red, dark blue, sometimes even green little scarves with black-tattoo-resembling-motifs on them that we all used to wear back in the day, whether wrapped around our heads, in an attempt to channel either Axl Rose or Tupac, or wore them as the perfect pull-together-your-outfit-cool-accessory when wrapped around our wrists, necks, or tied on our school backpacks. BANDANAS! They were the one thing I never EVER left the house without in the 90s. EVER. And when I  lost one in a taxi, I was devastated for weeks. … >> Read more

6 Looks To Do On Your Summer Holiday

The best part of our summer holidays, apart from getting to the exotic destinations & the relaxing time in the sun, is definitely the fashion that comes with it. Getting ready, packing tons of summer clothes, outfits, bikinis, shoes, bags, beach towels… ah! Sure, the moment we get there – to wherever we’re gonna lounge for days and days in the sun – we end up wearing pretty much the same things, as we get in the holiday mood and basically can’t be bothered with cool outfits anymore. … >> Read more

What Do You Think About The UGLY SHOES Trend?

Why is it that we always want what we can’t have? And what we can’t have is always so much more enticing & appealing than the opposite? That’s me when it comes to the UGLY SHOES trend. Hell that’s even fashion and life in general, but today we focus on the trend that brought tourists’ ugly Teva sandals, velcro strapped shoes, pool-side-like-flip-flips, chunky soles and horrific unsexy shoes  from the underground of not-even-fashion to the freaking runways. How in the name of God have we managed to go ballistic over the ugliest shoes in the history of fashion?… >> Read more


I was about to start off with a YAY! in regards to the BODYSUIT apparently making a comeback, and kicking crop tops right off their front seats with their On-Trend’iness. But then it hit me: (1) as silly as it may sound – aren’t bodysuits less forgiving than some crop tops for example, and ALL tops for that matter? They’re basically one-piece swimsuits for the streets. BTW, who’d even know you’re wearing one or the other? Anyway. Moving on to (2) does the return of the early 90s, late 80s bodysuit imply the death of crop tops? … >> Read more

All Sorts Of SHORTS

Just the other day a woman asked me (a complete stranger practically. Yeah I see her everyday when I go grocery shopping, but that’s not the point) – ”Oh, honey, why you always in jeans, cutoffs or dresses? Why don’t you wear beautiful shorts?” WTF. What does that even mean? This coming from a woman who’s well over 40 draped in cheap rhinestones like an over-tinseled Christmas tree. I replied nothing, just a fake smile that was literally throwing all the angry emojis as her.… >> Read more

Let’s Play Rainbow HAIR!

For some of us, the pink, lavender, blue, green hair trend is just a fad we come across on our Social Media over coffee. Who’s pink right now? Who’s going blue or green? And do we like it or not. We could’t possibly do this look  for job reasons, lacking balls, or maybe just  not-feeling-it-enough. For the other half of us, the Rainbow Hair Trend is just like ripped jeans for example. Been there done that. The question is, which half do you belong to? … >> Read more

Are HIGH WAISTED JEANS The Best Style Ever?

After turning my 2 pairs of high waisted denims into a uniform for the past month, I am totally sold on this look, hence my biased fashion take on the high waisted trend: Keep ’em coming! Of course this style is everything you want and need in a look, sans the groundbreaking trait. They’ve been HOT in the 80’s, 90’s and, after a short break, what with the low waisted jeans and all, they’re back in fashion for sometime. From those mom-jeans styles, to cool boyfriend cuts, to skinny jeans, the denims all have one major thing in common: a higher waist than we’d ever thought we’d wear.… >> Read more

Why The MAXI Dress Became A Staple?

Rewind a few years, say circa early 2000 and the absence of the day-time maxi dress will strike you. Unless there was an event to attend or some posh gathering, wearing a maxi dress was a safe ticket to a social eyebrow raising followed by a wtf. Or, maybe I was just absent from the world back then, and bared too little knowledge of what was in and out at that time. Which is fine I guess. Who cares what was hip in the past or not (only the entire fashion world).… >> Read more

Should We Bring SUSPENDERS Back?

Girls and boys, hate all you want but, my impulse on this one is to scream a big NO, unless of course you’re a hot man, with a full beard, tats and fantastic style. Then… I might reconsider. Just saying you know. Or, if you go less for the suspenders per se, and more for the harness look, as shown by designers a few years ago. McQueen, Versace, Prabal, Alexander Wang all went S&M on us with their versions of suspenders: wrapped around naked or not-so-naked bodies, rocked at Fashion Weeks by the cool fearless kids, resembling porn scenes more, rather than street style.… >> Read more