Women’s Wardrobe Essentials: 5 Things Every Woman Must Have in Her Closet

While going through your closet you need to assess whether in the midst of purchasing all the maxi dresses and floral dresses for the summer, you have forgotten to buy some women’s wardrobe essentials that every woman especially working women should have for casual and formal looks. If you want to know what are the 5 must have apparels for every woman than read below:

A Black Dress 

Whenever you’re in doubt about what actually are the women’s wardrobe essentials, OR what to wear for a party for an evening out or a dinner, perhaps it’s time to take out your little black dress, or your maxi dresses of black color and rock a perfect evening look. Firstly it’s a classic piece that works for events and office, and secondly it can be so edgy and sophisticated it could be the perfect go-to style for a more trendy event. Therefore the LBD remains a must have item at all times.

women's wardrobe essentials

A Striped Shirt 

You must have a striped shirt in your closet, not only because they are making a huge come back in 2017, but also because they never really go out of fashion and you can literally combine them with anything from a skirt, jeans, dressy pants.

women's wardrobe essentials

Black Tights

Whenever in doubt about the length of your dress and the coldness of weather, wear your black tights, even better black opaque tights to not only stay warm but also have an appropriate length of dress. Moreover, black tights literally go with everything you own. Your oversized formal t-shirt, your pretty dress that is too short, or anything you want to combine them with.

women's wardrobe essentials

A Classic Trench Coat 

If you are looking to buy a classic piece for all women’s wardrobe essentials get a trench coat. It’s a classic timeless piece that fits into any personal style and looks good in any occasion.  Therefore the perfect combo of the women’s wardrobe essential has got to have a trench coat.

women's wardrobe essentials

A Colored Blazer 

You might already own a black blazer, that’s why it’s not on the list. Because let’s just be honest who doesn’t own a black blazer? So, the important thing here is to also have a colored blazer that can accentuate your look in spring and summer and when you’re wearing light colors. My personal favorite is red but beige, light pink and blue are also some great options, the key is to pick a color that will go with most of the formals you own.

women's wardrobe essentials

A women’s closet is the reflection of her personality, so apart from being organized it needs to have the above items, so that whenever you go out you can go out in style.


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